Friday, October 1, 2010

September Ends with Random thoughts

Sometimes I just think I need to post a couple thoughts...
be they coherent or not.
So here goes.

Random thought #1
I found this picture of a wallhanging we own.  I miss it.
Missing it made me realize that our November is going to feel like Christmas....because I get to unwrap things I haven't seen in over 6 months!
Double Christmas Bonus!!
How exciting is THAT?!?!
Random thought #2
Tonight I cooked up over 4 dozen sausages to take camping on a trip we won't be staying overnight....I'm bummed....but the REASON we can't stay the night is this:
We have GIANTS tickets!!!
So we'll be headed off to watch the Giants who will have by then either clenched the Western Division OR
will be very close.
We bought these tickets back at the beginning of summer having NO idea what a great year the Giants would have.
It's all very exciting.
I think we'll need to pick up a SF Giants cheerleader this time ;) 
Random Thought #3
While I was helping my sister shop for her baby registry it struck me that if I was a character in a
Disney cartoon, then I'd probably be shaped like this:
Ala, the wardrobe in Beauty in the Beast.  Gotta love those curves baby ;)
But really, I think it's a fantastically funky dresser though I'd NEVER buy it full price.
Random Thought #4
I need to catch myself on camera a bit more often. 
Not for the sake of narcissism....but because it might matter to someone one day.
That thought struck me during a convo with a friend.
As she is planning her mom's memorial, she realized that between nine siblings, they have less than a dozen pictures.
For Good or Bad mommas, we need to get in those shots.
We have a legacy we're leaving.  The unseen influences are obviously most important.....but a written/visual record can be just an meaningful.
And I don't care how old you are when your momma passes, you're always going to feel like an orphan.
So let's leave lots of amazing memories to help our own babies through it.
Sometimes I think my kids could pick out my grouchy/stern face in a lineup MUCH easier than they could my happy face.  Sigh**

And with that I wave goodbye to another month, and wake up another day closer to the rest of our lives.
Happy October ya'll!

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