Sunday, August 30, 2009

Are you Necessary to Somebody?

You can give without loving,
but you cannot love without giving.
- Amy Carmichael

Make yourself necessary to somebody.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chair Redux Finale!

If you're not familiar with Freecycle...then stop now and head straight to this website.....
well on second thought....maybe I won't link you...because then you'd be my competition....

Ok, fine. Here you go: Freecycle

Last year we used a pair of wooden chairs for our schoolroom.......they were from our very first dining table......and they worked out fine....except there were only two of them....and well, they were ALL cush.

On top of that my hubby had been pressuring me to get that table out of the garage....and I knew it wouldn't sell without the my hunt for new chairs began.

Last spring when I saw these chairs on Freecycle I jumped on 'em.....
Where can you find four solid chairs for free???

And I'm not afraid of a pouring in a little sweat and tears to spruce 'em up.

Unfortunately, I never got around to them. They turned into fantastic platforms in the garage though! Then just as I was putting together my lesson plans and buying school supplies. It dawned on me.....the kids have NO WHERE to SIT!!

Ugh...tack on one major project before school starts!

I don't know how many times Jarrod had to say...."You're not going to start next's impossible." Which works for me....because I'm obstinate...and just want to prove him wrong!

So as nasty and dated as these looked, I knew I could toss on some spray paint, and recover those seats.... all in my favorite colors of course!

Here are the details....I have had this upholstery fabric for YEARS....I think it was dollar fabric and I just KNEW I'd use it one day.........

So I had to buy 2 cans of black spray paint, 3 foam squares and a box of staples.

Four chairs for only $30
It would have been only $12 if I had left the original padding alone....but I wanted my babies to have cushy seats ;) and those darn squares of foam cost $6 EACH.....Sheesh!
Either way....where can you find solid chairs for only $7.5 a piece?
When I put it like that...I'm SUPER happy :D

Most of the front of my house is in black and these babies fit in nicely.
Especially with our school table....I've featured it's legs here:
I painted this old Freecycle table last year- for a whopping $6.
The red legs remind me of high heels :)
And that's all you'll get to see for today.
I'd show you a wide angle view of the room, but after only 3 days of school, we're already needing a janitor!

I'd say the hardest part was the sanding........and let me tell you those headrests were a BEAR to get back on!
But the bonus was that I watched two movies while I upholstered....good times!
In the end,
two of the chairs are just right.....and the other two are wrong....can you spot my mistake?

It's not life or death....and I'm just not feeling inspired to make it right yet.....heck, they may even grow on me like that...
Ten points if you can point it out! (PS- that's the flash making a smudge on the side of the's perfectly black...Thank you very much ;)

YAY- my 'class' now has a place to rest their laurels...
School is now is session!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Family by Ceremony

I'm sure you're familiar with Godparents.....

For most Catholics it's a tradition, and for others it's a legal process that ensures kids have a caring subsitute if anything should happen to their parents.

Well, not many people have had the type of Godparents I've had....

I picked mine when I went through the Rite of First Communion. Imagine getting a choice...see even in this....I was SO spoiled ;)

I had a set of Godparents from infancy, but they were not nearly as involved in my life as my sister's set of Godparents.....who also happen to be our Aunt and Uncle.

So I adopted her Godparents as my own (and they accepted!), and from there our little 'GodFamily' came together.

Sara, Stephanie, and Tricia were all baptized by them, as well as a their nephew Michael.
And in different ways our families were all familiar.

But in the best way ever....we were now bonded.

Our Godfather, or Nino, as we called him, passed away almost a decade ago. I remember it was a few months after we got married. (I still remember how I cried days later while I was painting a red wall in our first house. It's funny how you associate feelings with memories.)

Our Godmother, or Nina, lives here in town, and she hosted a lunch for us to gather and reminisce the other day.

We were in for such a surprise as she brought down a HUGE box of photos for us to sort through.

I will be scanning and posting about them on our family site.....they are just too amazing for words. But for now you can see the 'modern day' motley crew.

That box was full of year, after year of annual trips that spanned our entire childhood years. One day I'll work out the timeline, but I am the oldest, and I was probably around 8 or 9 when we took our first trip to Marine World. And that was a huge trip, considering it was in Redwood City back then! Can you imagine taking charge of four girls ages 9 and younger ........little Sara was only 5 the first time our Godparents took us out of town!
But off we went to be wined, and dined and treated like princesses!
Off the top of my head- we took trips to Yosemite, Catalina Island, Universal Studios, and Disneyland, just to name a few.
Nino used to tell us that he wanted to make sure we knew how to be treated well. So he taught us to order lobster, and oysters, and to expect the utmost from a gentleman.
Obviously, he knew that with those faces, there would be many suitors to worry about ;)

This year, it was especially touching as Nina invited Steph and I to bring our girls along.

She made sure our little ladies had toys to play with and ice cream for a treat. She said it reminded her of us when we were small. It's amazing to put into words that she's been a part of our lives for decades!
We laughed so much about our pre-teen moodiness, and terrible fashion statements, our sleepovers, and spending money, souvenirs and misadventures! What great times!!

Between the four of us we've celebrated 4 weddings, four babies, relocations and new careers...all under the watchful eye of our Nina.
There isn't a doubt in my mind that Nino would be proud of these girls.
Not that he seems far away....Even ten years later we gathered in his memory, laugh with Nina, and remember So many amazing times when we were all together.
It is a tradition that I hope will continue until we are old and grey!

Here's to 'Godfamily'....near or far you are So close to my heart!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Puppy Love....or not

Have you noticed I haven't dog blogged in awhile?
I had to delete the posts....they were filled with bad words....and
as my friend Geri says......I'm much too 'churchy' to have a foul mouth.
It's like the Easter Bunny at just isn't right.

Thus, my words about Dash the Weiner dog have gone missing.

As for the pup, he's still around....and his dopey cute looks are all that's saving him.

I picked up this old library book the other day and it says it all:

It's about 'Pepper's' perspective on life....all he sees are legs.
And all he hears are feet coming to take him away....

In the end, the little nerd ends up curled up at the feet of his owners.
Resting up to do it all again tomorrow.
And that's about where we're at with Dash.....just resting up for the havoc he'll bring in the morning. Stinking cutie patootie.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

You inspire me....


-your willingness to want to heal
-being candid with your anger
-desiring a life of service
-working toward restoration
-taking a sabbatical
-reaching out for help
-admitting that something is wrong
-gathering such amazing support
-being true to your roots
-desiring to mourn instead of bottling it up
-making connections
-admitting you have limitations
-wanting to change
-being so open to feedback
-loving so deeply
-being loyal to your family
-being loyal to your calling
-wanting to share your journey
-having goals I only dream about speaking
-standing out among a selfish generation
-your humility
-the last few years
-being exactly what God made you. Nothing more, nothing less, but perfectly amazing.
You know who you are. And that's all I want you to know.
I love you!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Worship Flub

So have I mentioned that I can carry a tune?
Only at don't ask for a serenade ;)

But I love to lead people in worship.....except when I mess up the words....and then I start giggling. Or like when I HAVE to burp and my mic is on SO loud! Or if I'm wearing super dark lipstick and I smear it across my face as I bump into the mic......ah, yes, those are the moments I LIVE to be onstage!

Most of that could be humorous on any other stage....but in church, the focus is NOT supposed to be on me...I'm there to point ya'll to Christ....See HIM, HE loves you and is worthy of ALL our burping/giggling/primping, it's just not proper.....or so I assume.

You'd think after more than 16 years with dozens of bands- things like this wouldn't phase me.
But this morning I goofed the words to a song.....not too much but I know SOMEONE out there noticed.....
I meshed two words together......and 'Father' blended with 'heart'.... to form:
You guessed it:






Sorry Lord! So glad you have a sense of humor......I mean you're the one who put me on the stage in the first place!

Thanks for keeping me humble! have my HEART <3

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Wedog Chronicles- Summer Days

We started one monthly activity.....
which hints at the schooltime madness to come....
Chess was played.....
It was so hot we had to reapply sunscreen.....
and the WeDog has a lot to learn about Chess......
but there is nothing like a leisurely day spent in the park!
An appropriate lull in our hectic activities.....

Then there are the drowsy summer days spent lakeside.

Getting SO dirty your skin changes colors.....
Laughing so hard your sides hurt......
Forgetting what reality looks like, because you've been on vacation for so long.
It's denial, it's summer, it's a beautiful thing.

Almost as beautiful as the natural color of our toes.....

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fundraising Fun!

I probably meant to put this up on our family blog....but since all the pics are uploaded may as well enjoy!
The other night, we were invited to a fundraising event to benefit All Out Sports League. Ian played basketball through AOSL and they put on homeschool classes as well, as sport camps constantly. The founder is a wonderful man, and it's definitly a family-run business that looks to benefit the kids in our community.
But this night, we just saw it as a great reason to get out with some friends.....

The dinner was held at a local ranch/golf course...way out in the hills...
and the after-dinner-sun was magnificent....just perfect for pictures!

So indulge me with a couple close ups.....
I'll put mine first, because when you see hers.....well, you'll forget all about lil' ol me!

See? How stunning huh? Hair flying in her face, and she's the picture of contentment!
Just gorgeous! Her smile makes me I haven't a care in the world!

And on this night I really didn't.....the kids were off at Marmar and Papi's.....we stuck to our fundraising budget, and were REALLY enjoying ourselves!

After dinner there was a putting contest in which our friend came in was fun to hang around the green and chit chat while we cheered him on!

Then it was back to the tent to enjoy a local artist named Ashley Mendez. She sang accompanied by a wonderful guitarist.....if you recognize her name, then you may know that she was featured on one of the first American Idol seasons...and I have to say she DID NOT disappoint. Definitely Top 20 material! Her set was accoustic, and fresh with just enough original material sprinkled among the covers. Purely entertaining!

Though our table had no problem entertaining themselves! It was fun to watch the guys interacting.....this was their first time meeting and we all had such a blast.
Jarrod had been referring to this group as 'all YOUR friends'....because they are the ones I head for Girls Nights with........and he hadn't made it to an 'couple' gatherings yet.
Between this night and softball......he's ALL acclimated now!

Ahhhh, I've heard horror stories about fundraising dinners, but this was such a relaxing evening...very low pressure, yet filled with excitement as we bought raffle tickets and decided which prizes to put our tickets toward.
We ended up walking away with a free dinner at a favorite Chinese restaurant, as well as with a mani/pedi at a new salon. Not bad for our meager donation of $20!

Though I have to say I suspect our hosts were buying tickets and placing bids in our name.
Alisha REALLY wanted to hear them call out the name Weiner as a WINNER!

She's right though, there really is NO experience like answering to Weiner ;)

All in all we really felt like we had some great 'us' well as some unforgettable 'couple' time! Thanks friends for a perfect night out!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

I long to see through her little eyes.....

When I was a child, I used to talk as a child, think as a child, reason as a child; when I became a man, I put aside childish things.
2 Corinthians 13:11

HOW I could see through and through you!
So unconscious, tender, kind,
More than ever was known to you
Of the pure ways of your mind.

We who long to rest from strife
Labour sternly as a duty;
But a magic in your life
Charms, unknowing of its beauty.

We are pools whose depths are told;
You are like a mystic fountain,
Issuing ever pure and cold
From the hollows of the mountain.

We are men by anguish taught
To distinguish false from true;
Higher wisdom we have not;
But a joy within guides you.

Childhood by
George William Russell
No I didn't write the words above...but as I plan for school, and lay out all of my expectations for the next few months...I'm struck by the contrast of MY thoughts...verses, the hopes and dreams of my kids. May my 'plans' never squelch their passion for life! May they continue to learn JUST as YOU intended Lord.
With freedom and joy and excitement for life!