Monday, May 25, 2009

Sunday Service Snippets-from C.P.

quoted from CP- my cute pastor ;).....aka my hubby

Psalm 62:8

Trust in Him at all times, you people. Pour out your heart before Him. God is a refuge for us.

Do we trust God completely. Do we give Him all of our heart? I mean, do we even know what that looks like? Any of us can compare that to falling in love with someone....and you cross that threshold where you go from caring about someone and sharing feelings with them, revealing your deepest, darkest, secrets or fears. Once those things are out there you can never take them back. You are now, and finally vulnerable......and thankfully, able to love with everything! And the love that comes back to you will now take into consideration all of you, your deepest fears, your weakest parts. It's a beautiful thing! To be loved FULLY for everything you are!

That is the natural order which we have to do things.
If you don't trust someone how can you give them everything?

How do I trust God? Only to bless me, or only on Sundays, maybe with the obvious sins I struggle with....lying, kindness, or about my thoughts...the things that don't make it out of my mouth....the murderous words against the person who spoke bad about me, or the self pity I feel when my hubby seems so imperfect......where do I go with feelings of disappointment, anger, or even gossip? If I trust God to love me in spite of these things, then I can take them to Him consistently....and they might no longer be an issue.

If we don't pour ourselves out completely we're holding back from God.

We might give Him surface things, those that are obvious.....but the things that only you and He know...the hidden things, if we don't trust Him completely, we won't give them up.

The cool part about this verse is how it ends: God is a refuge for us.
He is a safe place we can go to.

A refuge, a hiding place, a place to run from the feelings, emotions, and fears that scare us so much we don't want anyone to see them.

And therein lies the process for the solution....pour out your heart because He can take it. He wants it. He's asking that you trust you reason to do it.....because He is a refuge.....and He's telling you how......just pour it out.

There is no formula. Like the sticker on my van says, No religion, just relationship.

Cheaper than therapy, easier than writing it down, just talk it out with the one who created the very mind you'll be using.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Us

Nine years ago this afternoon.....
He stood there with tears in his eyes.......and ice packs in his pockets.
I walked toward the gazebo under the glare of the sun, but I only noticed his face.

He had waited for was only me he wanted.
I prayed for him and he walked into my life when I least expected it.
Each of our hopes fulfilled, and still many obstacles we would need to face together.

Today is our day to celebrate.......but simply.......for this week is terribly busy.
Nine years ago I would have settled for nothing less than a weekend away and menus without prices listed. Now it's as simple as sweet treats baked for his morning rush.....and poetry left for me on the table.

I Love You
means something totally different now than what it did almost a decade ago.

I don't want to horde him like an object, or desire him only in appetite.
Now I long to stay, and walk forward alongside of him.
Climb the hills and make the hard decisions........together.

That's it.

Just together.

The memory of that day in 104 degree weather....surrounded by hundreds of friends and family....seems VERY far away and hazy.
It was the beginning of so much. It was BEFORE these little people.....three whole other lives even existed.

Without that day May 20, 2000........none of our current life would be possible.
So I am thankful.

To you my love for standing there. And to Christ our Lord for seeing us through. Life takes much grace and patience. And I'd do it all over again.

Happy Anniversary Jay

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Courtney's First

So I'm lame...I named her.....she's so big and important she seemed worthy of a name.

you can hate me....just leave me a comment all about it ;)

This is the first picture I took with Courtney, our new camera....
Check out how dirty my computer screen is!

And talk about my interests colliding.

Can you tell which show's finale I was Finally watching?
man those were two intense hours!

This is where you will find me late at night.
Watching TV on my laptop and blogging....
or in this case, playing with my camera so I CAN blog

Ahhhhhhhhh, no more pictureless posts....or atleast less of them.

Though I never stopped posting on the family blog.
But if you're on the guest list you already know that ;)

If you're not, well then you just haven't asked nice enough.
And that's where Courney really made her debut today.

The rest of you will have to settle for this measly picture. Lacking in composition and technique....but proof that I am raring to go again!

I will return with more of Courtney's offerings soon.....oh, so soon!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Ain't she sweet......

Today felt like my birthday, anniversary, mother's day, secretaries' day, cinco de mayo, fourth of July, etc....ALL wrapped up into ONE!
Second only to the birth of my kids, ok, and our wedding day....'s a totally different feeling....
but THE POINT is.....I went shopping.....and brought home a new baby....

She's fragile,
she's fully accesorized...
and she came as a complete surprise :D

She's resting now.....charging up for tomorrow.....
It'll be her birthday, quincenera, debutante ball, ALL at once!
Her grande debut!

I LURV her........
she starts focusing when she senses my face coming near to her....
It's like we're already in sync.

I only hope I am worthy of her love ;)
Pardon me as I immerse myself in manuals.........
until next time, when I bring proof of our perfect partnership....
Good night!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Writer's Workshop.... I get so emotional baby.....

My mission this week: To define anger using pictures you've taken.
So here goes:

They are good people.....cut from the best cloth.....'Give-you-the-clothes-off-your-back-and-build-you-a-closet-to-house-them' people.
My parents ARE Goodness:

and next:

You can close your mouth...this isn't a CURRENT picture ;)
but what else brings SO much JOY??
We SO wanted our oldest to have a sibling close in age....and here one would come....18 months later........
Irish twins some would say.
I would say...."Did I ask for this???"

and then:
Can a baby really FEEL SORROW?
Nah, she was probably just wanting to be held....but how could I NOT include this picture?

and finally:

This is Anger......well, it's either that our pouting.......which is a form of anger right?.......Since he is Obviously NOT getting his way right now.
Stop making that face, or it going to stay that way little boy!

I guess that wouldn't be a terrible thing....look at those cheeks.....

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day you in all it's forms....whether you ARE a mother, or you're helping a mother celebrate...and if you're neither then you need to look for someone to relax with today......
because someone else is in your shoes today. No one is EVER are NOT alone......and we all need one another- to share life with.......

I witnessed a LOT of unkindness this week. Amazingly, much of it came from one mother to another mother......and in my finite mind I always thought mothers were plain ol nurturing. I've lived in a naive bubble where people tend to be kind and gracious, polite and considerate.
Apparently that will NOT always be the case.
So I'm urging you to look for the good in people today......because there was good in someone as you were being carried around for 9 months. And we all have OFF DAYS.....but we shouldn't take them out on each other....

Because love and goodness are part of the plan of a loving God. As He formed you and knit you together, His hope for you was joy and peace, and love and forgiveness. And no amount of rudeness, or impatience, judgement, or harsh words can erase the genius that is YOU. You are perfectly and uniquely complete....and destined for greatness......even if it's just through a simple act of love.

And if all of that kindness is floating around tomorrow....great things can happen. The hands and feet of God will be moving around....and nullifying all the uglies that I saw this week.
So get out there and make a difference in someone's life today. Love them.

For love is by far the Greatest reason to celebrate Mother's Day.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday Service Snippets- from the CUTE Pastor!

With our Pastor out of town, my hubby was asked to give the Sunday morning message at Calvary Chapel Crossroads in Antioch. It was quite the nervewracking experience.....filled with anxiety, mental exhaustion, wardrobe changes, and loss of sleep....and I'm sure Jarrod was feeling something too!

Oh yeah, I was a mess the night before....."Are you ready? What are you wearing? Should we go shopping? Are your notes typed up? It's 1am...shouldn't you be sleeping???"


you'd think there was something riding on this one sermon...... ;)

But if you know what we've been going through for 3 years, then you know that THIS is what Jarrod wants to do.....teach the Word of God! And he has been waiting in the wings since we unsuccessfully put our house on the market over 2 years ago. He's not waiting for anything in particular....just to be used.....and he's been faithful to serve anywhere, anyhow, the Lord has lead since then....He is MUCH more patient that I am....and it shows by the 'fruit' in his life. He embodies goodness, faithfulness, he waits for the green light, or atleast an arrow to point the way toward our 'future.'

But cool as a glass of sweet tea, my hubby stayed prayed up and delivered a Spirit-filled, cohesive, thought-provoking, and exhorative message to our humble congregation.

And he led off with this gem: "Last night, my wife asked me what scripture I'd be teaching from....and I told her Mark 16......The Empty Tomb. Her response was....didn't we just cover that at Easter? So I'm hoping you'll get more out of this than she is expecting to...." Cue canned laughter!

Well, he was right......I thought...out of 66 books, isn't there somewhere NEW you'd like him to touch on...or atleast somewhere let recently touched on?? Instead here on some things I learned this morning.....from my favorite cutie patootie pastor-in-training:

How to Live A Life Touched by the Resurrection:

Start with a the women who went to annoint His body at the tomb. They were expectant and excited to honor the one they loved so much....... (Mark 16:1-2)

Be Determined......the women knew there was a stone that needed to be rolled away before they could prepare His body........that was not something they were capable of moving.....but they went there anyhow.....determined to see it moved. What obstacles in my life do I need to plow toward without regard to the 'how'.......? (Mark 16:3-4)

Remember where I came from.......Mary Magdelene had been healed/rescued from 7 demons.......What are my demons? The things in my past that Christ has saved me from? Where did my life u-turn? How has proclaiming to be a Christian changed me? When I remember the differences in my life.....I WANT to worship Him. I believe again that miracles DO happen, and NO one is TOO far from grace! (Mark 16:9-10)

Don't let Doubt Get the Best of Me........The 11 disciples....ones who had lived with Jesus, eaten with Jesus...intimate friends for 3 years......these disciples DID NOT BELIEVE! Even though Jesus had predicted his death.....they sat there mourning and a time that should have called for rejoicing at the fulfillment of God's plans.....These were men on whom Christianity would be founded.....but they were just as prone to doubt as I am! (Mark 16:14)

Wait on can I expect to KNOW Christ and to recognize His voice if I do not practice listening? When you're in love with someone you dedicate yourself to learning their habits, the sound of their voice, the way their hugs feel. It's the same with Christ....I want to be able to KNOW Him with my eyes shut, and without second guessing.

So those are a few of the things I got from the message the Lord spoke through my hubby.

I'm sure I don't do it justice here. I'm definitely getting let's wrap this puppy up!

What has the Lord show you this week??