Sunday, July 3, 2011

Boy Room Redo

With our oldest's birthday approaching I wanted to do something fun and there are only so many possessions that seem we went for the surprise factor.

My sister and brother-in-law wanted to take the boys to an amusement park one Friday...and that gave me an extreme make-over!  Well extreme in the time frame....not million dollar by any means!

Now decorating may not seem like a big thing to do for a boy.....but you have to know that we've been here 6 months and it was really bugging my oldest that his room wasn't put together.
In our last house the boys had a surf themed room and I just didn't want to put a bunch of holes in the wall to put up their old decor.  So we had been trying to work out a plan they both agreed on.
And recently, we found this duvet cover at CB2.  Ian loved it...he said it reminded him of a favorite game, Pictureka.  I went to the CB2 store in Berkeley and checked it out in person to make sure there weren't any inappropriate pictures in there.....and it checked out.
 So even though Merrick hasn't found his duvet/comforter yet....he had a hand in the color scheme.
So take a look at the before pics.
I didn't think to grab the camera until I had stripped the it looks especially sad.
Another factor in the color scheme was this chair.
We love it...It's kinda like Ian's reading corner.
So I looked into chair covers and thought about reupholstering it...but that was NOT going to happen on my one day redo budget. So I just went with it.

Here you can see why my son was so distressed.  He would say things like..."Mom, I feel like our room is missing something."  or "Can I just have a Giant's poster mom?"
So after 6 months of is what I came up with.
I figured grey was the best compliment for the black and white....and then I added a blue highlight wall.
I originally wanted to paint a black skyline on this wall...with a grey shadow.
But when Thursday finally rolled around I had been to a Math class with Ian, taken the kids to Berkeley to build in a salvage yard, delivered Talia to and from Cheer Camp, cooked dinner....then finally dropped them off at Marmar's for a sleepover by 7pm.  When it was all said and done, I didn't get the room prepped and taped off until 10pm.  Two coats later.....I was in NO mood to fill in those buildings.  
Instead, I painted a grey SF skyline with a glow in the dark highlight....It is now Ian's favorite part of this room.  Mission accomplished :)
The orange and grey highlights were requested originally by Merrick.   That boy wanted color and I was happy to oblige.  I also figured that the orange would allow for a bit of their team spirit to show through.
Don't tell them...but I would SO rather not have a completely sports themed I gently steered them otherwise.  Thankfully they are amazed by it all and there is plenty of room for another Giants poster or two ;)  

Here are a couple of personal touches I threw in.... 
We already had these hat I kept them to go behind the door.  
Yeah, they're dog butts.  Gotta represent when you're a Weinerdog. ;) 
That bike wheel is another touch I didn't quite finish.
I ripped it off a bike that just lost it's chain, and I sprayed it up to add another orange highlight.
It will be mounted over their closet...either plain or I might turn it into a clock. 
 It's just a quirky thing either way.  
Back to the beds....
I'm realizing that I don't have a good picture of  Ian's bunk. 
It's basically the duvet with orange and grey pillowcases.
Merrick sleeps on the bottom and it already had a black cover so I just added some color for now.  Green to match the chair...and the pillowcases that match Ian's duvet.
The pillows in this room were another miracle of sorts.
Pillows are such an affordable and useful way to add color so I bought the two pillowcases that matched the duvet, a pair of orange, and a pair of grey at Walmart.  And I found those other black and white slipcases as well as the green one at CB2.  Altogether I had 9, count them NINE pillows to fill...and somehow between my house and my mom's we had exactly enough!  I didn't buy a single extra pillow. Hallelujah!
I also had these two posters from Christmas that we had never opened.  So I painted some frames I had on hand.  Merrick's says, "Jesus...the Calm in the Chaos." So I put it above his bed.
Those posters were an adventure in and of themselves....Two of them were plexi and the other glass....and I managed to damage each of them in the decorating process.  
My solution?  I just spray mounted them to the cardboard backing and framed 'em up.  Done.
My favorite one ended up So crooked....but I'm just going to pretend I MEANT to do that!
It is perfect for the doodled feel of the room.  
It has a shaker and a bulb on it....and it says "Be These."
Love it!
Considering that I got this idea on Monday and executed it on Friday...I'm totally happy with the results.
I did have so much help...Friends hosting playdates while I picked out paint, Papi mounting curtains, my hubby making last minute runs to the store for painter's tape, and even a friend's projector to help me get my skyline sketch up on the wall.
Friday I 'woke up' after getting about 4 hours sleep, swapped the boys with my sister, and finished decorating the room with Marmar in between baby Josiah's naps.  Then we attended Natalia's cheer performance, grabbed dinner and headed to the Drive-in.  Would you believe that I fell asleep during Cars 2? Darn it!
But it was worth every second when we brought home the boys and told Ian one of his first birthday gifts was 'on' his bed.
I can't believe we  pulled it off RIGHT in front of him!
Even Natalia managed to keep his duvet a secret...amazing :D
He'll have a couple of small things to open on Monday, but he was amazingly content with his bedspread, and his poster. 
Sigh....that was fun!
Happy Birthday to our Favorite Ian....and bonus surprise for Merrick (who is eager to add more glow in the dark paint to that mural.  Heaven help the control freak in me!)
Love those boys...


Stef said...

awww, it turned out great! i'm totally impressed you did this in so little time! Wow. Kudos to you!

Unknown said...

Sis the room looks absolutely amazing!!!! So designery and all on your own!!! So proud young grass hopper haha

MommyDesiree said...

Love it!!!! U amaze me.

And hello, the crooked poster looks genius!

Anonymous said...

AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You really have talent. Cool room!

Joan said...

You're hired! I'm calling you the next time I'm redecorating ... :)