Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Summer's End water play

We've been back in school now for 3 weeks, but before it all ended we had our share of fun in the sun!
And I'm not talking water balloons and swimming pools here! 
Check it out!
Our friend's live on an island with a dock in their backyard.  Yet, aside from the diving board and water slide into the Delta there was a homemade, giant water slide... 
I'd give it a steep factor of 8!
They loved it!  
 And then the girls got creative....
 They had the grand idea to drag this tube up and down the hill to save their bums from the bumps:
I'd NEVER try it, because in the end they'd skid across the grass....but it 
DID look like a blast =)
A week or so later we ended up in the middle of Gold country.
I actually can't remember the name of the town right now.  
But it's adorable and quaint. 
....and a great place for a group of kids. 
The community park is beautiful.
It actually has a creek running through it. 
So we loaded up some inner tubes and packed our lunch. 
The water moved gently around the park and was shallow enough to keep all the kids safe. 
Although Natalia wasn't quite brave enough to hop on a tube.
She played the part well.
This picture was taken moments before she fell off and was 'stranded' on the water fall
 screaming her head off.   
Oh, the drama!   
We so have to go back again.
As soon as I can remember the name of the town ;)
And lastly we ended up at my aunt's annual horseshoe tournament.
That's where the kids played on this bad boy: 

Ah, memories with their cousins....priceless! 
And that's how our 'official' summer ended on a big WET note.

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