Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Courtney's First

So I'm lame...I named her.....she's so big and important she seemed worthy of a name.

you can hate me....just leave me a comment all about it ;)

This is the first picture I took with Courtney, our new camera....
Check out how dirty my computer screen is!

And talk about my interests colliding.

Can you tell which show's finale I was Finally watching?
man those were two intense hours!

This is where you will find me late at night.
Watching TV on my laptop and blogging....
or in this case, playing with my camera so I CAN blog

Ahhhhhhhhh, no more pictureless posts....or atleast less of them.

Though I never stopped posting on the family blog.
But if you're on the guest list you already know that ;)

If you're not, well then you just haven't asked nice enough.
And that's where Courney really made her debut today.

The rest of you will have to settle for this teaser......one measly picture. Lacking in composition and technique....but proof that I am raring to go again!

I will return with more of Courtney's offerings soon.....oh, so soon!

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