Monday, May 25, 2009

Sunday Service Snippets-from C.P.

quoted from CP- my cute pastor ;).....aka my hubby

Psalm 62:8

Trust in Him at all times, you people. Pour out your heart before Him. God is a refuge for us.

Do we trust God completely. Do we give Him all of our heart? I mean, do we even know what that looks like? Any of us can compare that to falling in love with someone....and you cross that threshold where you go from caring about someone and sharing feelings with them, revealing your deepest, darkest, secrets or fears. Once those things are out there you can never take them back. You are now, and finally vulnerable......and thankfully, able to love with everything! And the love that comes back to you will now take into consideration all of you, your deepest fears, your weakest parts. It's a beautiful thing! To be loved FULLY for everything you are!

That is the natural order which we have to do things.
If you don't trust someone how can you give them everything?

How do I trust God? Only to bless me, or only on Sundays, maybe with the obvious sins I struggle with....lying, kindness, or about my thoughts...the things that don't make it out of my mouth....the murderous words against the person who spoke bad about me, or the self pity I feel when my hubby seems so imperfect......where do I go with feelings of disappointment, anger, or even gossip? If I trust God to love me in spite of these things, then I can take them to Him consistently....and they might no longer be an issue.

If we don't pour ourselves out completely we're holding back from God.

We might give Him surface things, those that are obvious.....but the things that only you and He know...the hidden things, if we don't trust Him completely, we won't give them up.

The cool part about this verse is how it ends: God is a refuge for us.
He is a safe place we can go to.

A refuge, a hiding place, a place to run from the feelings, emotions, and fears that scare us so much we don't want anyone to see them.

And therein lies the process for the solution....pour out your heart because He can take it. He wants it. He's asking that you trust you reason to do it.....because He is a refuge.....and He's telling you how......just pour it out.

There is no formula. Like the sticker on my van says, No religion, just relationship.

Cheaper than therapy, easier than writing it down, just talk it out with the one who created the very mind you'll be using.

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dusich crew said...

Thanks for the perspective CP and thanks for jotting it down Nik! :)

I can trust God knowing that He has it all figured out! And that I can go to Him even on the darkest days. It is when I surrender and pour out that my burdens become lighter.