Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Moving Right Along....

....da da dong, da da dong......Only my dear friend Geri has ANY clue what I'm singing there.....
but it fit my mood! (I think it's from the Sesame Street Classic...Follow That Bird!)
Anyhoo......after many hours...and very little actual fuss, we are now moved out of our very first house.

This picture is for Janel...who probably NEVER thought she'd see our garage clean....(though not for lack of trying on HER part...she must have offered half a dozen times to come and organize us!)
As we've reflected on this move, we would say that minus a teensy bit of exhaustion ;} it's been an amazing journey!
God appointed this time so perfectly! The kids were able to take their scheduled spring break and we managed to fit in more than one day of rest in there as well!
We took Easter off, went out to the movies, had pizza with friends, stopped for playdates, etc.
It was just right.
On top of that, Jarrod had to fly off to Seattle for 3 days.....the exact day AFTER our move.
No one could have planned that better!
Not us, no way, no how!

On the homefront:
I am sleeping MORE than I've EVER slept before......something about my mom's house puts me out cold!
And yes, I guess I'm a little tired from the past 3 weeks.  But it's a good tired!
An accomplished tired.
A satisfied tired.
A blessed tired.

I'm praying the same for our new tenants.
That they would find rest and peace in their new abode.
May it be a place of love, learning, and lots of giggles!


Stef said...

I knew what song you were singing!!!!! I love that movie and just watched it with Ethan the other day :) So funny...

Yay for being DONE. Its a good feeling. I remember it well :)

Seattle?! Tell him we're glad to welcome him to our state :)

Joan said...