Sunday, June 6, 2010

That's a wrap folks!

2010 is halfway over! Can you believe it?
Friday night was our Open House/Graduation for our Science/History/Art Co-op.
The kids had such an amazing time showing off their work and performing for their family. 
As their teacher, and mostly as their momma it was wonderful to see at a glance just how much they really learned during this hectic year!
I'll feature much more about that evening on our family blog, but here is one of my favorite pieces.
A lapbook about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.
Merrick and Ian made their 'Washington French'...see the mustache.  "Wee wee,"  they'll say if you ask them about it.  It's hilarious!
As I was saying though....
We've wrapped up the school year and have begun planning for next year.
This week is also the last week of baseball for the boys.
I snapped this shot at today's game.
I love the angle of Merrick tapping the base as he readies to hit Ian home (from 3rd base.)
There he goes! What great teamwork! 
And just think, this moment was NOT doctor recommended!

Remember this guy....we signed him up for baseball against the orders of his doctor ....well atleast with the knowledge that he may not be able to run just 6 weeks after surgery. 
Well this was him at one of his first baseball practices.  He hobbled with the aid of a walker, and he tired very easily.  He didn't even bother trying to hit the ball since he didn't have the balance to stand unassissted.
And just look at him now....
That's the way you score a run baby!
And that would be the game ball!
Those events were spread out over this season.
A successful season if you ask me!
So I sit here tonight So grateful for our kid's health.
For Merrick's recovery, and for the grace of God that allowed our kids to learn SO much even as we worked our way through a tumor diagnosis, major surgery, recovery, and then moving out of our house.
It's been quite a ride to say the least!
And like I said, 2010 is only HALF way done ;)
To the other half I say....bring it!


Stef said...

wow! is the year half over already?! That's amazing. I can't get over how quickly Merrick healed up - praise God! I need to go check your "family" blog now :)

Jenn said...

You've come a long way baby! Way to go!!!!