Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Ah, most of you know that we're on a bit of a  hiatus from life :)
But then again, isn't most of the world in the summertime?

I'm talking more about the 'planned' side of our life.
For the most part this summer has been one big long party....full of busyness...and lots of friend time.  Not living in our 'home' has given us a lot of perspective on the 'needed' things in life.
I'm NOT missing the upkeep of our house, the weeds that beckon, the closets that need clearing out, the pile of projects that call to me from the craft room.  All those things are well and good, and have their time and purpose, but as we've been house hunting, and living with family....most of them are happily on the backburner.  Even grocery shopping has lessened as I have less storage room to stock up.  Good times folks!
Instead I'm looking around examining relationships that need some work, as well as pure playtime that needs to happen.  It's a whole new ballgame when you don't have a house full of  'responsibilites' weighing you down.  Still, our situation creates Other issues as well.

For instance, it has been very difficult NOT planning a big vacation for summer 2010!
We certaily can't spend BIG while we gather capital to buy a house.  And we alos, don't want to make plans not knowing if we'll end up in escrow in a month or two.  So it's a very Limbo-like state we're in.....

But wouldn't you know, God had a remedy for our situation.  Something we NEVER would have dreamed up.  It came in the form of a group brainstorm.  And ended as we jumped at the chance to housesit for some friends!  Most of you know both the location of the town AND the friends, but I'd rather not divulge any further details on our public blog...you understand ;)
Suffice it to say it could have been ANYWHERE and we'd have jumped at the chance to live alone as a 5 person family unit again.  Not that our current arrangements aren't desireable and wonderful in their own right, but we missed having breakfast to ourselves, on our schedule, with the worship music blasting, etc.  It's also nice to holler at the kids to put on their shoes and go potty (before we leave the house) without feeling like I'm disturbing the peace.

The thing is, this 3 week staycation isn't just 'anywhere'....it's at one of my favorite homes of all time, loaned to us by one of the most generous couples we know.  What a blessing it has been to get up and swim in the pool before we get ready for the day, or to cook each meal with ingredients we like to use.
Talia lingers quietly in the little girl's room...relishing the abundance of pink and girly toys.  Most of the kid's toys have been out of sight for over 3 months now, so the familiarity of their friend's room is very comforting.
It's the little things that are making this experience above and beyond what seems necessary.
Thanks God, you knew we'd need a staycation before we ever did!

We are overwhelmed by the gift of friendship that has brought us to this mini-vacation away from our substitute house.  Jarrod even asked me to post a day by day blog of our experience to document how amazing each day has been.  It's turning out to be a little too busy to do that, but I'm keeping our hosts informed on Facebook.  We're praying they are equally overwhelmed by their time away from home.
Our God is so generous like that. 
He does give his children good gifts.  Amen.

What is God doing through YOUR summer plans?

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Danielle Calhoun said...

it sounds amazing, Nikki. I am so glad that you have had the opportunity to do this. thank you so much for your friendship & support. it means a lot to me!