Monday, July 19, 2010

A Tale of one Weiner House

Once upon a time there was a family on a househunt.
They searched far and wide for a new place to live.
Along their way they looked for signs and direction, wondering whether each listing could be 'The One."
Then one day their Fairy God-Realtor found a house in hiding.
This humble abode seemed to be waiting just for this weary family.
The photos showed a model home with many upgrades and just enough bedrooms.
The size of the yard was a bit small in square footage, but the family was willing to take a closer look.
Upon their arrival they noted many pleasing attributes.
There were two extra dens that were not originally listed.  The yard was situated as such that it was much more open and spacious than they could have imagined.
The family ooed and ahhhed as they entered the beautiful foyer.
Then gasp!  Could their eyes be deceiving them?  Scoundrels!
Intruders had broken in and defaced many of the grand walls....
Holes were punched and tags were was a sad sight.
But their galant knight was not afraid of a little sheetrock work!
And humorously the tagging had been done in water based paint!
All was NOT lost...they WOULD persevere!
Still they looked for confirmation. 
And the icing on the 'offer' cake was the one picture drawn amongst all the writing.
This picture lay hidden in a dark downstairs closet.
And this was no ordinary picture.  The details were vivid, the color was a vibrant magenta.....and the symbol seemed to speak directly to this family.
Could it be a sign?
This was the clencher.....the family wrote out their offer as quick as possible and laughed at the irony of it all.
For in that closet as crude as could be was a foot high phallic symbol.
And though their offer would eventually be turned down. 
The Weiner Family would laugh for many days to come at the sign that only they could find so perfect.
They would carry on the search, for now.
As their spirits had been renewed with hilarity.
For yes, their High King does show his sense of humor quite often.
After all, He is the one who named us, right?

Until the next chapter....we continue to live Happily....

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