Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It makes me giggle....

....when I have to bob and weave to navigate around our current bedroom/living room/office.
....that all 3 of my children are sharing one half of a closet, yet no one is running around naked.
.....when I reach back to stretch and accidently bump my hubby's foot while he's asleep.
.....that I haven't missed the rest of my shoe collection, or really anything we've had packed away for the last 4 months.
.....when I hear our kids ask Marmar to play poker, or chess, or rummy for the 5th time today. 
....when the kids roll out a homemade tortilla, and they are better at it than I have EVER been.
...that I've only made dinner half a dozen times during our stay with Papi and Marmar.
....that I keep collecting books for school when I haven't a square foot to spare. I think of all the fab people who have helped us along this journey.
.....that our wait could culminate in claiming this little slice of roominess:
I think that makes all the giggling worth it ;)


The Ballard Family said...

More! More! I want to see more of the house! Don't tease me like that! I can't wait until Oct./Nov. to see the rest!

Whitney from Coupon Wonder Mom said...

I just found your blog... loving it so far! & that picture? Let's just say: Hi, I'm Whitney, & I'm jealous! What a beautiful kitchen!