Friday, September 3, 2010

Schools in!

Did you hear the bell?
Not that they ring at home ;)
We're also lacking lunchroom benches, hall passes, and desks to say the least....
But what we do have in abundance is a love for learning.
And for that I'm truly grateful!
We've been homeschooling since the 'beginning' this is our 4th school year...and I have to say, it just gets better and better.
We do have a few traditions that we like to keep...
A happy breakfast (we tried out peanut butter pancakes), new school supplies and outfits, etc.
Marmar even chimed in with special cookies as a First day of School treat:
But mainly this year is different because I now have 3
pupils in my charge.  With Natalia starting 'Kindergarten,' all three of our kiddos are official.
I may not be able to relate to having to drop off my kids into another's care, but I, like every other momma out there...feel the tick of the clock as each year passes. 

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Shanna said...

Oh, you're kids are such cuties!! I think we just had cold poptarts on our first day of school. :)