Thursday, February 10, 2011


I interrupt our Oregon posts for a little Art Appreciation.
We're all down sick over here....yet, the energy levels are UP....just not for mom ;)
I'm at that sneezy miserable stage of a cold. Stuffy I can handle, drippy...not so much.
But this is not a post about illness, but rather what we do to keep busy while we're ill.
It feels cruel to expect a sicky lil one to concentrate on a new concept or fine tune their motor skills, so instead we play.  Atleast that's what Talia was up for today.
She was dying to paint and had this canvas to finish up for her daddy.  
And boy does she ever concentrate when she is painting!
As an aside....I was REALLY grateful for that sealing binge I went on before we moved in.
I was thinking that tile was hardy enough to paint on without laying a tarp down......but then the entire paint 'tray' fell and I thought I would die when I saw the acrylic seeping into the grout lines.
Obviously I didn't die.
And thankfully the sealant worked great!
It scrubbed right up :)
Crisis back to painting. 
The main reason I wanted to share this art session was to highlight Talia's final piece.
Take a peek before I label it.  What do you see? 
She calls this one Wildflower.
At first glance it didn't look like much more than a finger painting, but I loved her definition:
"Mom, this is a wildflower. God calls them that because they are bad.  They do all kinds of crazy things so He made them all twisty and crazy.
They are wild, that's why they are called Wildflowers. 
I'd buy that.  
Stuffy noses and all....I'm so thankful for home days that bring out our creativity :)


The Ballard Family said...

I thought I saw Jeh-zus!!

Gina said...

Some how my link to your blog was stuck on a November post so I'm catching up. :-) I love Talia's description of a wildflower! Great painting fun!