Sunday, February 20, 2011

Josiah my love

I was never the babysitter in the family.
That was my sister's job.
Growing up there were plenty of jokes about how I would hold babies at arms length instead of cuddling them to my body.  I think I was scared more than anything.
It takes vulnerability to coo to an infant. 
And that's not always my 'thing'....ha ha.
But I have to say that having a brand new little nephew is quite heavenly.
I mean, you'd think that I'd be a bit immune to that baby smell, what with having our own brood of three, and our youngest about to turn 5!
But I can't think of anything better than our new little addition, Josiah Mason.
So needless to say, I jumped at the request to take his announcement pictures.
He was just 7 days old at the time.
And just a lil ball of squishy yum!
He has steely, grey eyes and magnificent curly hair.
And well, he's just so ....'pliable' for lack of a better word!
So my sister filled his tummy and lulled him to sleep.....and we had our way with him.
His daddy is a 49er is Papi....and of course our we made sure to document his allegiances from the get-go.
See what I mean?
And well, some poses worked out better than others!
The cake platter was a no-go.
But he did let us strip him down for the nude shots.
I tried to remember everything I'd ever read about taking pictures of infants.
Keeping them warm and comfy is numero uno!
And he did great as long as I only snapped a few shots, and then I covered him back up for a minute.
But if it got too breezy.....well, he was NOT a happy camper:
All in all, it wasn't hard to capture the magic.  He sleeps like a rock.  
I even re-positioned his hands a few times.  

Towards the end my kids couldn't help themselves...they needed to jump in on the fun.
Josiah was oblivious!
What is it about baby feet that makes them so delectable?
Here I played ring toss with my prego ring.
I just wanted a size reference for those toes.
We all know they will NOT stay this small and clean! 
Ah yes, this has to be close to what it feels like to be a grandparent.  It almost hurts how much I love this little guy.  I can spoil him and take him places, and then send him home.
I'm just thrilled that my kids will grow up with a lil cousin.
They have cousins on Jarrod's side.  But since Trish is my only sister.....well, it was all up to her ;)
I wish I could show you some more great shots, but I have to wait until the announcements come out.  
I don't want to steal any thunder. 
We all love to get a little snailmail right? It reminds us that we're human not just machines ;)
So I leave you with one parting shot.
I'm sure I'm biased, but MAN I am talking perfection with those feet!

And I'll end with this quote:
Yesterday is but today's memory, and tomorrow is today's dream.
Khalil Gibran


The Ballard Family said...

So glad you are blogging again! Josiah is so beautifully, preciously, amazingly, adorably, PERFECT!

Gina said...

Oh my goodness--such sweet pictures! What a great gift to your sister. :-) Yea for new babies!