Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's that time of year again....

...time for the animals to come out!
This year we have Cubs and Racoons...aka River Bandits.
We've been busy handing out uniforms, ordering banners, and coordinating snacks for the games that start next week.  
Tonight was more of a dress rehearsal.
Thankfully we got ALL the pieces for their never know what kind of scramble you might have to do before Opening Day.  But not THIS year!
Woo to the hoo! 
They boys are stoked and if I go by my old stand by of rooting for my favorite uniforms, I'd have to say we a couple of winners here!
I couldn't get a closeup of Merrick....but man they both look SO cute...
er,, slick?
Judge for yourself:
I can't wait for the first games.
Stay tuned.
Man, I love these boys!

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