Tuesday, March 15, 2011

In a month's time....

What a lazy blogger I have been.  First I let my old blog just sit there because I can't figure out why my subscription for more pictures won't upgrade.....and then I go an neglect this blog week after week!
Well here, for your viewing pleasure, and for my validation, I present to you a photographic review of the past few weeks.
Starting at home:
I have many more projects open than my husband appreciates.  Tomorrow I hope to finish this one....valances for our front room.  Stay tuned for more details.  
We celebrated the 'real' birthday of our youngest......and have been working hard on the party planning for her 5th birthday. Here she is, painting her Puppy Party invites, don't you love that fresh from the tub glow?
I made 100 or so of these scones the other day.  They were chock full of dried apples, and stuffed with Blackberry jam, then brushed with a cinnamon butter glaze.
Nothing like dressing up a little Bisquick to feed the masses.
I helped host a Progressive Luncheon that had our new home filled with lovely ladies <3
Outside of our home:
Natalia has found a little kindred spirit....and man, if we lived closer these two would be attached at the hip!
I played Twister and failed miserably.
My boys have been such adventurers lately...and so noisy.  I'm going to blame it on Spring Fever and be glad that Baseball season is here!
Oh, that's another busy thought...we're managing Merrick's baseball team, and have been busy running the kids to 3 practices a week, weather permitting.
I've been surrounded by newborn cuteness.  So far it hasn't been catching.
I ate a cupcake that Smurfed out my tongue.  And for some reason I felt posting that was necessary.....
As for my background...yes I painted that mess of a canvas, and the flag on my desk is cracking me up!  Seriously, Nikki are you razzing our country?  Never! God bless America!
On a more serious note:
We spent last month praying for my Nina.  She was in the hospital for 3 weeks and bounced back from some major trauma, and this picture encompasses, much of the serenity in our last visit. 
Amazing.  Thank you Jesus that her time here is not yet finished.  And that she met our sweet boy Josiah.
We also attended a surprisingly fantastic concert by Matthew West.  But the emotional bonding was even more fascinating.  Praise God that He inspires artists with such passion.  Matthew West moved a lot of people that night.....and it was even better shared with the closest of friends:

Last but not least, we climbed a mountain to touch the snow.
Which deserves it's own post.
But suffice it to say that I shed tears that day.  
Yes, the victory was sweet.....
And the memories priceless.
I'll try not to let this month's memories bottleneck into one post.  
But consider yourself caught up for now.

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