Monday, June 1, 2009

S.S.S- The Great Inventor

So my kids have started to hate Courtney....and I can't blame em.....they are powerless, at my shutter snapping mercy! But she brought about a deep conversation the other day as one of the kids threw some major attitude at the park and I had to dissect through the emotions and get down to the real issue....this is the quick it happened:
Kid #1 (staring down Courtney with icy glances): Stop taking pictures mom!
Me: You won't even know I'm here...keep playing...
Kid #1 (turning away): I KNOW you're just going to put these on your blog and I look dumb!
Me: You don't look're perfect!
Kid #1 copped SO much attitude we took our conversation over to a park bench.
This was more than I cuold address in the middle of a playground.....
Me: putting down Courtney: Why do you think you look dumb?
Kid #1: I just do!
Me: Do you think Daddy looks dumb?
Kid #1: Noooo
Me: Do you think I look dumb? (holding my am I asking for it or what?)
Kid #1: No!
Me (whew): Well you're a perfect mix of both Daddy and how could YOU look dumb?
In fact, did I show you that picture of Daddy when he was your age? You look identical to him!
Kid #1: Really?
Me: Besides, If you're created by God, in HIS image, you can't say that's dumb! He doesn't make mistakes like we do.....and He says you were put together, piece by piece right here in my tummy. Not only that, you have particular gifts that NO ONE else has. Special parts of you to be used for His special purpose. And it's not quite time for you to know what all of those purposes are yet....
Kid#1: Ok, you can take pictures of me, but show them to me first.
Me: Deal!
That conversation haunted me at first. I kids are all 6 and under....why am I giving self-image talks already!?!?
But so be it! Though it's hard to tell what leads to those conversations....
the awesome thing lies in the truth....God is the GREATEST INVENTOR! He doesn't make mistakes! We can feel terrible about ourselves, or attempt to re-invent ourselves....but ultimately, the core of our being was given to us for a reason.
Our soul, our gifts, are to be used to change the encounter, one truth at a time.
So this little snippet comes from my own mind, since we were at the Maker Faire this weekend instead of church. We saw So many created things......projects that were years in developing....and life long dreams come to fruition. I couldn't help but think of all the purpose it lacked. There was a whole section on alternative fuel I see the application there.....but many of the the Life Sized MouseTrap we're watching here.......are purely for entertainment's sake.
I think a lack of purpose has taken down lesser men.
Our hearts were created to love, to worship, to honor something, anything.....and really, the only thing Worth all Honor, Power and Glory is our Lord.....and thus the cycle of love is complete....
To Love and be Loved by the Creator of our hearts....that's Amazing!


MommyDesiree said...

wow Nik! First on the talk, That was impressive mama-moved-by-God work. Then on making me I know His purpose for me yet? hmmmm....

dusich crew said...

A teachable moment ... that's so awesome that you were in-tuned with their emotions that you noticed AND you did something about it ... so much easier to brush it off sometimes. :)

Megs said... you didn't think a conversation used and meant for your little guy could minister to ME! I needed to hear that. The Lord is so spot-on and catches us at that exact moment that we need Him or need to hear a beautiful truth from Him.