Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What's up Girl?

**had to include my 3 year old's self-portrait......I'm feeling a litte outside of the lines lately too.

So I'm talking to a dear friend and she mentions that she is taking her daughter to dance.....and she'll be sans little ones while she waits....

"Ooooo," I say, "You should take your laptop and blog while you wait."

She very graciously tries not to laugh as she says.

"No I take my Bible and study dear!"

Oh, yeah.

She probably has no idea that her gracious response was a HUGE smack in the head that I've needed! (well now she does since she reads this blog ;)

The cool thing is that's what friends are for....to give that theoretical slap in the face that we need.
I mean What's UP, if reading the Word is not my first priority?

I can whip out a dozen excuses as to why it's not at the forefront of my mind....
lately we've been cruising at lightspeed with all of our activities and fun.
But it's a sad, sad day when I realize that my quiet time is non-existent and that I've spent MORE time blogging than I have studying!

Even now as I type the pull is there to hurry up and sign off.

This family exists because we put priority on hearing from God in our life....and how can I hear if I'm not listening?

Thanks friend.
I needed that.

And thanks Lord for never failing to reach me when I'm standing on the outskirts of the party.
Like the gentle lover you are...you stretch out your arm and spin me back into the dance.
I missed you.


Shanna said...

I struggle with computer time vs. quiet time too. I've tried to make it a priority to not turn on my computer in the morning without first having my quiet time, but some mornings its very hard knowing all those emails are waiting!

dusich crew said...

I'm glad you heard that comment as God speaking to you (I was worried that you took that as criticism). As you know, I'm not perfect in that area either ... just taking all the quiet moments I can - outside the home - when I am not bombarded with kids, my to do list, my computer, etc. etc. Even then, I still feel like God takes second place most of my days. But I quickly remember that I can dust myself off and try again the next day. Love you Nik :)