Monday, September 28, 2009

DIY: Baby Blocks

A dear friend is having a baby boy....and for her shower I broke out the creativity....
it's not an original idea...but the execution was one of a kind!
My saw wielding Papa chopped up a 2x4:

I gathered my paints.....

I applied one coat of baby blue before running to the Scrapbook store for the decor:

I cut the paper into semi-even squares.....each block needed 6 sides of course!
Though don't look too closely...even with a paper-cutter, my square sizes varied....BUT I'm not perfect, so why should my crafts be??

I chose the paper to go in the nursery which has light blue walls, dark blue curtains, and vibrant red accents. Another factor is the family's interest in boating. Of course, I couldn't go wrong with the standard boy theme of sports.

I spelled the baby's four letter name out on one side of each block.......
then I decided to add two more blocks for endcaps/and extra spelling fun!

See teaching/learning is NEVER far from a homeschooling momma's mind.......

You see, this little bundle of joy has a brother 5 years old than I figured the eldest son can practice reading/spelling while he plays with his brother.
The blocks will spell everything from dish, dash, cash, hits, kits, jacks, tacks, ticks, sick, and well, you get the idea.
The toughest part about this project was letting the Modge Podge dry before applying the next side...I'd glue four sides of the paper on.....then wait to do the other two sides. It turned into an all day project but those babies were ready withing 12 hours for their big debut! Oh, and that shower was beautiful!

Just a little something on top of the super cute outfit I was able to shop for.....brown cords, striped sweater and matching shoes of course <3>