Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Baby Boy is Brewing

....but not for me....I PROMISE!
Our dear friend Jenn is busy brewing up a new addition to their family.....
so off we headed to a Livermore tearoom to celebrate!

So first I ask you.....
How Southern can one gal get?
To know Cindy is to LOVE her Suuuthernn sass and charming accent-
top it off with THAT hat and we have a scene from Steel Magnolias!

Now to the lady of the hour....Ms. Jenn, looking lovely as ever in black...all signs of her 7+ month project hidden by the table....she is a stunning second time mommy!

Miss Alicia was our hostess with the mostess....dressing up the table and favors in a beautiful mint green and chocolate theme. So sweet!

I have to say, delightful company exluded, I was surprised at what a great time I I'm not really a 'tea' I figured that I'd feel like a bull in a china shop....BUT at Ms. August's Tearoom EVERYONE feels right at home!
Such hospitality! I highly recommend frequenting her place of business!

I even relaxed a little on the picture taking, as Cindy took over the paparazzi post....snapping creative little shots like this....
hmmm....I may have discovered my future assistant ;)
sorry, it's an 'after' shot of all the lemon curd, and frou frou cream we slathered on our scones. YUM! But I DO like the perspective Cindy!

We had such a beautiful and relaxing time being waited on....sans kids....laughing with the girls....

oooo, and I love spending time in prayer over new babies.....
it was an extra gift be able to bless Jenn and her family!
There was also an abundance of wrapped up blessings.....I think we covered all the itty bitty necessities a momma could need. And some that are NOT so necessary...but just for fun:
So after 3 rounds of tea, gifts, and favors, and more gifts....we got ready to pack it up.
And then the hats came out....and something about old fashioned hats brings out our serious side.
Or not!
There, that's more like it:
Amazing treats, fab conversation

and good friends....

Welcoming babies is SUCH a joy! Especially when we feel as pampered as the momma-to-be!
Thanks Alicia for a beautiful afternoon, we love you Jenn......and we can't wait to meet you Cash!


The Ballard Family said...

Nikki, I'll hold your lens any day! I always have fun with you girls, whether it be over a cup of tea, a cup of Joe, a pizza or a ho ho (hey, that rhymes!) Love the post cause it is of my favorite peeps!

richard said...

Here is a successful celebration to have fun with a little baby boy. I hope you had enjoyed.