Friday, September 4, 2009

DIY: Feather Flourishes

Not sure what got into me....but I was needing a little umph.
Something new in my accessory grab bag.

And now that Natalia has long enough hair to style....I have to keep her 'up-to-date' as well!

So while I was out shopping for staples for my last project. I picked up a bag of barrettes and a couple bags of feathers.

The results were bountiful, varied and colorful!
You may have noticed.......but apparently this is the year of the feather. They're all over clothes, bags, and accessories. Case in point, this 'fascinator' from urban outfitters . That's a phrase for hat/hair pretties worn in the ya know ;)
Well, I didn't buy any peacock feathers, but here is a shot of one of my creations.
All it took was a $1.99 bag of feathers and a hot glue gun......and Wa-lah!
I produced over a dozen barrettes. I like how Megs pointed hers down.
It has a certain Great Gatsby edge to it.
The total cost for over a dozen barrettes was $7!
At this point, I've given away 3 and am keeping the rest for Natalia and I to share.
We have purple ones, red ones, turquoise, and yellow ones that are half this size.
Sorry, but I'll have to add pics of them later.....
They're not for I said, I only know 3 people who would branch out and actually wear them.

And not everyone agrees with their dad asked me if I had a bird in my hair.
Another woman made an Avian flu comment....nice!
Either way, I think they're gorgeous. And my model is pretty fantastic too (thanks Megan) I thought I'd share them and inspire you to create something pretty this weekend too!


The Persimmon Perch said...

Stumbled upon your blog...I like the feathers. It is hard to be daring with fashion.

MommyDesiree said...

HEY! I wore my flourish to that wedding yesterday...tee hee..