Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Misty watercolored miracles

It's so easy to get caught up in survival mode, no?
Breakfast, clean up breakfast, school/library/errands, Lunch, playtime/school, prep dinner, Dinner, clean-up, laundry/chores/bedtime/school prep/blog, sleep. 
Lather, rinse, repeat!

That schedule almost makes a dent in a possible day's filling.......and I didn't even add in the kid's activities/classes/appointments, etc.

So life in general is busy enough that a week can slip away all too quickly.  Next thing you know, you're enjoying Daddy time on the weekends and getting ready to start all over again. 
It's like washing the dishes....didn't I JUST load/unload this thing?

So I'm jumping off that crazy train for just a second to update you.  And may I add, thank you to those of you who hound me to put up these updates.  I need the reminders ;)

Through the downpour of busyness, we've seen miracles appear and vanish as quickly as a rainbow.  The wonder lasts for those moments, but if I share it with you, the happy thoughts can linger a little longer right?

For instance,  Merrick finally received his Junior Walker.  This little piece of aluminum has granted him simultaneous independence and exhaustion.  Walking with it is similar to walking with a pair of crutches...only with more stability....and without the aching armpits.  I'll detail on our family blog, how perfect the timing of it's delivery was.  Suffice it to say....this small piece of equipment is such a blessing for our son!
Sometimes we forget how limited he is right now.  I actually pause at the email inviting us on a hike.....wait are we free?  Oh, that's right, hiking is not really our thing right now!   But having a walker he can use...frees him up from banging around in a wheelchair, or needing someone to manuever him around corners.  Ah, freedom, a bright and shining arch!

Secondly, I may have mentioned our bill pile....steadily growing since December.  The medical bills which will total in the thousands.....and for which we had no other recourse than to begin paying with credit cards.  Those medical bills just sat there....staring at us.   Then tonight we finally got around to filing our taxes.  Wouldn't you know that we will receive MORE than enough to pay off those bills when all is said and done.  And poof! Another rainbow appeared, a promise of provision and a substitute to carry our load.
That promise was always there.....we didn't NEED the tax return to know it....but our precious Savior is so merciful.  He knew our meager faith could only take so much, so He provided this remind us we were never alone.  He has never left us....even when things look bleak.  He has given us a spectrum of hope.

So now as we're in our final week of non-weight bearing therapy/hobbling.....I'm waiting expectantly for the next light show.  It will have been over 6 weeks since Merrick tried walking.  I'm believing on the miracle of his muscles to strengthen and his body to remember how to balance.  For all of the exercises we've done with his legs....and for all the ones we have forgotten to do.  That the scar tissue that goes through such thick muscle has been massaged enough to remain flexible for it's graduation to walking.  It's not a rainbow I hope will be there.   At this point it's a miracle I KNOW we will see.

And that my friends, is what we've been up to....just sky watching a bit, and waiting.


The Ballard Family said...

Praise God! Your taxes is just like the glory of us getting in a minor accident! I am so encouraged by your endless faith and perseverance. Glory to God FOREVER!

Gina said...

God is so good! I'm glad you're seeing rainbows and Merrick is still improving. Seeing the proof in the pudding is so encouraging. Thanks for the updates!

Michelle Riggs said...

It is wonderful to read how God is taking care of your family. Thanks for the update and for praying for Abby.

I will keep praying for your son.

Joan said...

Amen! God is exceedingly good ... forever and always!