Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Quick Merrick Update

I seriously haven't had an ounce of 'extra' energy to post here.
But Merrick....he on the other hand is FULL of energy ;)
So we're at 8 days sans body cast...and things are looking pretty good.
Two days later we visited the physical therapist...
and he and Merrick hit it off! 
It helped that they have the same birthday....
AND the first day was super easy since Merrick still cannot put weight on his leg.
On the other hand, The PT guy...we'll call him Sam, told me that he HAS to start exercising because the both legs are showing atrophy. 
And if you know me by now....all I need is a little permission!
Let's get this boy moving! Just tell us what NOT to do :D
So Merrick came home with arm strengthening exercises and instructions to do slow leg lifts everyday.  He has been so faithful to do it.....grimacing all the way.
He basically cannot lift his leg completely straight....sweet boy.  If  it's not one thing it's another!
In the meantime, we've kept busy...jumping back into our routine....and swapping his GINORMO wheelchair for one my mom uses after her knee surgeries.
(Poor guy....we should probably remove that purple bag from the back!)
So on Monday we ventured to Fenton's Creamery in Oakland...and then ended up at this beautiful Regional park aftewards.  While most of the boys were wandering the hills exploring....we busied ourselves at the park.  Then I decided to take Merrick for 'a walk...'
First we crossed this was MUCH safer than it looks...but I loved how we tottered on the we stopped to take pictures.  I promise it was over a very small trickle of water!
Then we came up to the hill that the other boys had climbed. 
I popped Merrick on my back and up we went....
I made it pretty far right?  See where we parked the wheelchair?
....but as we looked up the surprisingly steep hill.  Well let's just say the revelation of my natural clumsiness struck me.....and Merrick and I shared a nervous giggle as we decided to head back down to safety.
We'll leave the climbing to the rest of you monkeys!
So now we wait......Merrick has a junior walker that should be delivered in the next few days.  And then we'll keep the wheelchair for long trips only.  Merrick has figured out how to hobble around pretty confidently......So I find myself walking through the day mentally taking note of which leg is his injured leg.  Right...oh, yeah, his right leg. 
His skin is completely recovered from it's time in the cast....and he treats his leg gingerly....but he's fought back for a lot of his independence.  He even climbed this ladder on one leg while we were at the park!
So there you have it.....
check in with our family blog for more details. 
But we are alive and kicking....literally!
And I'm praising God that Merrick still has two legs...even if one is weaker than the other for now. 
Please join us in praying for a full recovery...and strength for him to get a little baseball time in this season!


Stef said...

I'm glad things seem to be healing well! Praise God!

That park you went to is beautiful! I think we went there when I was little.

You totally amaze me with how you've jumped right back into the swing of life. I think I'd be hiding in the house, waiting for this trial to pass.....

Gina said...

This is such exciting news! So happy you all are moving forward. And so proud of Merrick! He's really jumped right in! There's no better way to get those legs to heal. It's a hard road, but you'll all make it. :-) Yea!

wedogmomma said...

Thanks girls! I wish I had it in me to be content at home...but I love homeschool because life should be FULL of adventures at this age!

Joan said...

YAY! You are so close to complete recovery! One day you'll look back and say, "That was a piece of cake." :)

Praises to HIM! :)