Saturday, May 14, 2011

Photoshoot: Mount Diablo

After much anticipation....I conducted my first 'engagement' shoot in the meadows of Mount Diablo.
This is my beautiful cousin Felicia and her groom to be Kyle.
They entrusted me with a little photo time and drug me up the mountainside.....not kicking and screaming but oh so willingly!
Armed with two cameras....which cut down on my need to swap lenses constantly.  
A milestone for me, but not a luxury I will soon get used to.
Instead, it was a necessity since Courtney (my Sony Alpha) has been on her last leg....
A broken external flash, a non-existent view screen and a corroded battery charger, to name a few issues.
The camera I borrowed from a friend was a Nikon.
Um, yes, can we say I SWOONED over that little baby?
The difference is not so much in the quality of the pics considering it's the same rookie using them!
The Nikon shutter is much faster, and SO much lighter.
But I digress.....don't you let me wallow in envy....
Courtney just needs a tune up and we'll be back in business before I know it! 
Back to the shoot... 
Beyond the loving glances and sweet embraces, the most vivid thing I remember about our time together was...

Every time we moved among these weeds we'd stir up a plague! 
No joke, buzzing our heads, flying into our mouths, etc.
It was quite entertaining.... 
That and the crazy lighting made the 
 whole thing a bit of an adventure.
And with these two, I bet that's indicative of the journey they are beginning.
I so enjoyed their playfulness,
 as well as their affection. 
I hope they won't mind me telling you that they first met in 8th grade.....
And yet, I can't help thinking that their love was appointed for such a time as this.
And not a moment sooner... 
Thank you two for sharing the afternoon with me.
And were a heck of a good sport.
I bet you didn't think you could smile for 2 hours straight! 
Just wait, you'll do it again at the wedding....
and September is so much sooner than we think!
Until then lovebirds,

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