Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spring Break: Six Flags on the Fly

The day before I was due to go out of town we were invited to our friendly neighborhood amusement park.  What a treat it was to hang out with this big guy Isaac.
(who happens to be celebrating a BIRTHDAY today!  Woo hoo!)
There was another great momma who followed around the 'big' kids to the REAL roller coasters.
So I really only met up with the boys for lunch. 
Meanwhile, Natalia and I rocked the kiddie rides....

Well she more than me..... 
But she was in good company.
And me and my sad, sad vertigo were never in danger.
I'm so thankful for great friends that think of us for such fun excursions.
We'll follow you guys anywhere ;)
Thank you for wrapping up our Spring Break with whooping and hollaring!

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