Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Anatomy AGAIN?!?!

Our Friday mornings you'll find us studying Art, Music, Science and Spanish with our friendly neighborhood Truthtracker Co-op.
And of course we break for Teatime.  

This year we are tackling Apologia's Anatomy text with the help of one nurse, an EMT and other parents in the medical field.
Two years ago we introduced our kids to the human body with another co-op.
But I was the primary teacher then and my level of knowledge was perfect for my 2nd-Preschooler.
I'm excited to build upon the mental posts we set up then.
And the kids seem to agree.
So far we've studied our Skeletal System and Muscles.
 The week they introduced the Skeletal System these babies made an appearance.
Whose feet are these?
We used pliers to pull on the tendons that stuck out from the chicken feet.
It was awesomely, gross to watch the pastey white toes bend and twitch.
When we brought a couple feet home to show Jarrod, all Natalia wanted to do was paint their toenails! Double ew! 
But anything to get this group of 9-11 year olds to engage :)
We had take home paper bones with a marrow reveal foldout for the littler kids.
It was enlightening to me to start thinking of our bones as both blood producers AND fat store houses.
Marrow is a fantastic part of creation! 
To demonstrate the inside of a bone our teacher brought in a HUGE cow femur, which the butcher was nice enough to saw in half so we could see the cross-section.
Mmmm, nothing like raw meat in the morning: 
Did you see the difference in the spongy bone and the compact bone?
Our littlest class did.
Here's to another fantastic year learning about 
'the crown of His creation.'
(That's YOU!)

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Gina said...

This is SO eew! and yet at the same time awesome! Seriously, your kids are lucky to have you as a teacher. :-)