Tuesday, September 13, 2011

To Gualala, a-camping we will go

Last year we found this beach across the street from our redwood river hideaway.
This year we couldn't wait to go back and stay for the entire day.
And it was a GORGEOUS day!
We packed the day with all things beachy...
Sand sculptures...she's a mermaid ;) 
and I snapped this one as she was checking out her 'figure'
....this face is classic: 
The beach is littered with driftwood and quite a few of these were already constructed onsite.
The girls used them as playhouses.
And the boys used the wood to make us a table.
Well, by boys I mean Abe. 
He is quite the engineer.  And he had big plans for that table later on.
Des showed her mad weaving skills and hooked us all up with seagrass bracelets.

They were awesome :)
The weather was perfect and we basically had the beach ALL to ourselves!
People would walk onto the beach and leave almost as quickly.
We kinda had a monopoly going.
The guys lugged shovels out onto the beach and dug hole after hole.
Some were reinforced as huts.
And others were used for our meals.
In fact we ate twice down at the beach.
But dinner was EPIC.
Abe had smoked pulled pork and Des chopped up sweet potatoes, squash and mushrooms.
Then it was placed into a sandy pit.
For two hours:
Meanwhile, we just hung out.
Climbing cliffs:
Exploring tidal caves...
 And lots and lots of time in the water:
And oooomigoodness....did I mention how much our dog LOVES the ocean??
He was completely in his element.  
He chased wave after wave and followed the kids everywhere they went. 
We capped off the evening with classic smores. 
I've loved reminiscing about this day.
It's been such a happy thought as I shake the sand from all our clothes.
The laundry has been a nightmare but the 
memories are priceless. 
We're already plotting our beach meals for next year.  
Though the BBQ pulled pork will be hard to beat!
Gah isn't camping always about the food? ;)
What a gift to share it with amazing friends!

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Gina said...

What a great trip!