Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Family Wedding Fun!

Welcome to the wedding of Felicia and Kyle.
One hot September day in 2011, these two crazy kids welcomed everyone to this beautiful location along the Sacramento River.
Owned by those dear to the bride, this gorgeous house was an absolutely perfect setting for this union.

Surrounded by family and friends they had one of THE most laid back, lovely affairs I've ever witnessed!
But let me back up a bit.
This is my cousin Felicia.
She's adorable.
And she adores our Talia.
So it was perfect that she asked Natalia to be their flower girl. 
I'm sure you could guess how excited our little girl was.

In her mind this was 'her wedding' that we all got to witness.
Felicia and Kyle adorned her with earrings and pearls.

And she practiced her twirls.

It was all quite magical.
Felicia really was the most relaxed bride I've ever seen. 
And that made even routine things like picture taking go smoothly.
So the family gathered for a casual BBQ and there were many reunions in store.
Cousins came from all over.  North Carolina, Bakersfield, etc....
Here are the girls:
And the cousins met up with Uncles like my dad.
And Aunties like my mom. 
Most of us keep in touch via Facebook, so it was a blast for my cousins to meet the subjects of all my posts and photos.

  Soon it was show time and our little flower girl sprinkled the grass after the bridesmaids came up the aisle.
She was in her element. 
She even stood there for the entire ceremony.
And the ceremony was beautiful.
The vows especially. 
One of my favorite lines was "I am your biggest fan."
I think that is SO important in a marriage :) 
We all fought back tears. 
And as the bride and groom walked out to Prince's "Let's go Crazy," 
Natalia prepared for part two of her 'show.'
She handed out her extra roses to any one who would take them.  
It was cute.
I also happened to capture her recap to her cousins.
She's showing off her earrings.
And asking them if they saw how she threw the flowers.
She was just thrilled with her little part in the event.
The whole occasion was a celebration of family.
I just wish we all lived closer.
For now we'll have to settle for holiday visits.
I won't soon forget the beauty of this union.
I've been 'a fan' of these two since I took their engagement photos.  
And we were thrilled to be a part of their special day.
Witness the proud momma:
And Daddy's little girl.
I can't imagine the next time he will stand next to her in a white dress.
Congratulations to Kyle and Felicia.
May this journey continue to be magical and as easy going as your wedding day.

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