Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Writer's Workshop: An ABC Acrostic...

Anyone can write an acrostic
Because words come in every size, shape and letter
Could you imagine a world where there weren’t
Descriptive phrases for every feeling?
Emotions would stagnate inside our souls
Faltering our every move
Gagging each effort to communicate truth, love and passion
How could we move ahead with so many things left unsaid?
Ignoring what stirs deep within us, bottling all of our thoughts.
Just for a moment, imagine your day
Kept in perfect silence
Letters left to themselves to organize into streams of nothingness
My words would flip around in circles, disobedient and stray
Never stopping to wonder of their purpose
Or to obey a grammatical guideline
Perhaps they would slam into unsuspecting victims
Quite unsure of their target but damaging just the same
Ricocheting past those who need them
Swaying by loved ones who treasure their sounds
Try holding in those words too long and they’ll choke your breathe
Understanding their urgency I must open my mouth
Very sure of my purpose here
With care and devotion I’ll type and I’ll speak
X is my motivator and my King
Your passion with which I will create
Zeroed in on the goal of your glory, I will use words or perish finding another way…..


MommyDesiree said...

oohhhhh I LOVE this!

So well spoken, or typed. I just used mine to rhyme and muse about silliness, but this is DEEP! Love it!

blueviolet said...

That didn't even seem like an alphabet poem. It just flowed so beautiful. Completely wonderful!

♥ Kathy said...

That was really cool. The poems are my favorite prompt this time :)

Karin Katherine said...


Caren said...

Great job! I really enjoyed it. I did the ABC poem too... it was fun!

Michelle said...

That was great! I loved T!

Andrea said...

I am impressed. Very impressed. Your ability to manipulate the English language is a joy to read.