Sunday, February 1, 2009

Saturday Night Bliss

Why is this little guy all dressed up??? Read on..... In the timeframe since my last post I:
  • hosted preschool, (whew my month is NOW over ...sigh)
  • got a traumatic haircut
  • sang at my uncle's funeral,
  • helped decorate a church,
  • made favors for a baby shower,
  • witnessed a high speed police chase and suspect beat-down
  • got my son to basketball pictures,
  • watched his first EVER basketball game,
  • coordinated a wedding,
  • celebrated my hubby's birthday and
  • kicked back for the Super Bowl.
SO many things about those three days are memorable AND blog worthy.....but whew....WHO has the energy to type it all out???

So I'm gonna hit on my favorite highlight....the wedding. These 'kids' are like family. I love them for their individuality ......but also for their soft spoken natures. Not only do they have great taste in music, but they have a kind of old school romance about them.....she's a little shy and demure......he's take-charge and humble. I've known Corinna since she was in grade school, and Mo plays bass with me on the worship team. Together they are as charming as they are pretty:Until about a half hour before their rehearsal, I was an ordinary Joe on their guest list. I had offered my help during the months and weeks of planning, but the beautiful bride didn't see fit to cash in on that offer until Friday night........Well, as you can see, I only had a few things going on already, but how can you turn down a sweet girl with larangitis who has lost her voice and is on the verge of tears the night before her wedding?? So armed with two kids and a DVD player, we headed down to the church with a box of Christmas lights. She wanted ambiance and by golly I was going to find a way to give it to her! Besides there is nothing I love more than the behind-the-scenes of a big event! This wedding was jam-packed with personal touches....from the fushcia highlights in the bride's hair, to the giant Giant's baseball shaped grooms cake.
The bride walked down the aisle to a song full of guitar riffs rather than violin strings......I loved it! So much personality, and so completely appropriate for THIS couple! This was the exquisite flower girl. But back to the rehearsal......I had no idea how to execute Corinna's desire for more moodlighting.... but knew better than to ask too many questions. (I ultimately spent a couple hours the next day hanging lights with pushpins...right on the can see the results of my mini 'waterfalls' behind the bride and groom.) The simplicity of twinkly lights added a little something...however rustic the results. It wasn't perfect, but the bride and groom were thrilled, (so who could ask for more?)
It's here that I'll apologize for my photos....the lighting wrecked havoc with my sad photographic skills.....but their expressions are priceless. Here you can see the tears in his eyes.He cried So much that I must say that I've always liked Mo.....but over this weekend I grew even MORE fond of him for all of his tenderness toward his bride and others during his wedding day. He was extremely thankful to anyone who helped out with preparations.....and when he walked in to see my newly strung lights- he gasped! He said it looked beautiful!......what groom usually cares about stuff like that?!?

It was obvious that he was a ball of emotions all day long. My hubby observed that Mo looked as nervous as Jarrod felt on our wedding day. And just like me, Corinna left all the crying up to her groom. Mo truly seemed Honored that he could begin a new life with this stunning bride by his side.
Back to Friday night....while I was there trying to figure out the lights....Corinna asked if I would coordinate the ceremony.....(um, ok,......this could end badly.....or not...but how hard could it be to get her wedding party lined up and make sure the music starts on time??...sounds simple enough.....) She's seen me go into 'boss' mode for YEARS I fell right into the biggest challenge?....making sure her young groomsmen could execute the simple step-together-step walk down the aisle. (unfortunately my husband said they looked like they were waltzing!) Oh well, they went slow which was the bride's ONLY other request..... And other than some VERY late family members...the wedding went off without a hitch :D
We set off leisurely for the reception.....stopping for coffee with friends, knowing that our assigned seats would be waiting for us when we got there.......(and keeping an eye out for the wedding party to return from taking pictures)
It was SUCH an easy, casual night with friends. Oh, and did I mention this was Jarrod's actual birthday? So a dinner out with a hint of dancing fit right into our pre-Maui budget ;)
Weddings can either be torturous or magical and this one fell into the later category!
It's funny, the whole wedding made me think of our kids. So I prayed, God, help these little ones as they grow so quickly. Let me fill up my marriage in the meantime. That neither sleep deprivation, or stress, or illness could strain us beyond repair!

God please protect Mo and Corinna from all that will be thrown their way. May they find quiet moments together now and even after they have their own kids. You're the one that dreamt up all the beauty and love we could possibly experience here on earth. Thank you for reminding me of the exquisite nature of love.....and how it can be framed in fushcia or padded with diapers, but in the end, you created us to love and be loved. There is no greater beauty we can ask for in this life!


MommyDesiree said...

whew... what a week!

You are an amazing friend and woman Nikki. The wedding looked spectacular....I'm loving the lighting...LOL.
I can't wait to see you and the haircut you are hiding very soon.


The Shafer's said...

I Love Weddings!! Love is in the air and who doesn't enjoy people watching! That's what friends are for, to be their at a moments call and help and support...great job you went above and beyond your call!!

dusich crew said...

oh no ... what traumatic haircut ... I guess I shall see on Thursday! Such a cute couple! :)

Leslie said...

Cool! Thanks for the wedding synopsis... almost like I was there! Best wishes!!!

Sonya said...

I love weddings!! How fun. That bride is so pretty too. My sis is getting married this month...can't wait to post pics.