Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ponderings about.... cell phone use....or lack thereof......

I have been without my cell phone for weeks.....heck, maybe even a month....I had thought it was only a couple of weeks, but I'm realizing it's been MUCH longer.

It was definitely before Easter.....well, before my Auntie was in the hospital......I'm not actually sure I even saw it in April......until now.

I kept telling everyone that my house swallowed it up. And that couldn't be closer to the truth!
In fact, I NEVER would have found it if I hadn't had the urge to clean the Black Hole that is our office. And during that quest I decided to pick up socks UNDERNEATH my office desk. I know, close your mouth, the amazement doesn't help.......

You see, I'm warm blooded, but I DO get cold toes from time to time. So I walk around in socks, and then when I'm on the computer I'll use my ambidextrious toe-claws ;) to pull them off (with that description I hope to coax a comment out of Angela). I've obviously been doing this for quite some time, since I didn't realize I had a few-pair-pile going on down there.....

Little did I know that those socks had banned together and made a resolution to hold onto my phone until I put them in the wash. Nasty ol socks......ill-tempered and dirty!

But rescue mission aside, I'm cracking up at the thought of using my phone again. I mean, the world ACTUALLY didn't stop turning, and hearts didn't skip a beat without my ability to call at a moments notice.

I think I even made a few extra 'house' calls since I wasn't able to call ahead...and who DOESN'T like a drop-in visitor with three kids ;)

Now what will I do with all the money I saved on that phone bill????......oh, that's right, I don't PAY that phone bill. Dang.

Well be on the lookout for my call.....I've got minutes to burn through for April ;)

and now that I've spent ALL my weekend energy on these'll have to stay tuned for tomorrow to comment on:
Sunday Service Snippets....

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dusich crew said...

I'm thinking about canceling my cell phone service. I hardly use it or answer it for that matter. And we do pay for that crazy cell phone bill. But I've had it for so long that for the money we pay, I get tons of minutes! OH, I am so torn!