Friday, April 17, 2009

A slice of life- Doggie Roleplaying....

So what do you do when the kids come out before bedtime and they want to perform?
Well since the Pirate has a light saber and the Storm trooper has a laser gun, who's going to argue?
It was part musical part wrestling match....but the surprise of the night came with the puppy dog.

No, not Foxy Loxy.....but the little girl dressed up like a puppy dog...

In her before-bedtime-giddiness she was wearing a dog jacket, complete with a dog face on top of her hood, and a tail hanging down her behind. Except for the blank look on the 'dog's' face
she looked like a real canine. Which is where I had started to get uncomfortable.
You see, Foxy Loxy here took a liking to Talia's 'dog' head.....sniffing away and then staring her down as Talia got down on all fours. The best part came when Foxy decided to say a proper guessed it....she circled around to Talia's 'business' end and sniffed away. That's......what we like to call in our family.....Awkward!
Talia soon moved on to pulling at the boy's costumes for entertainment. She is SUCH the bug-a-boo to her brothers. "Didn't she Realize??" They had a 'serious' play to work out here.....Well they all wrapped it up with minimal canine interaction.....and ran off to brush their teeth.
And that's how we roll before bedtime. Never a dull moment!

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