Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Service Snipets

S.S.S will be a weekly place to highlight points of encouragement.

Whether you're listening online, sitting in a service, or laying in the grass with your Bible in your lap......drop by on Sundays and share a point that stood out to you.

It's all about mutual edification baby!

And if you're new to this whole Bible Study thing....dive in.....the water is deep but the nourishment is well worth the splash!

Pastor John Snoderly spoke on Ephesians chapter 6- regarding spiritual warfare:
Here are snipets from his sermon, they are taken from my 'mental' notes and not meant to be verbatim.

"The greatest warriors fought on the offense, not only the defense. Don't wait for the fight to come to you. If you're doing anything right then you WILL encounter spiritual warfare.......the greatest tool the enemy uses is denial. If we deny the existence of evil then he was already won. We will be oblivious to the fight going on all around us, and then vulnerable and weak, or caught off guard when we are attacked."

I found this relevant in my life as I sail along.....keeping up on the 'busy work' in my life. But getting soft around the middle.....lazy about the strength training of being in the Word daily or constant in my prayer life, not fervent in sharing my faith.'s time to strap on the armor or God and engage my foes.

What do you have to share from YOUR week?

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Maritez said...

Got this jewel in my bible study time last night...

3 John 11 - Anyone who does what is good is from God. Anyone who does what is evil has not seen God.

Translation: "We need a loving and faithful spirit that enables us to treat fellow believers in a manner that is worthy of God."

I love the phrase "worthy of God"...that all we say and do should be glorifying to Him, and worthy of His great and abounding love for us.