Friday, October 9, 2009

Plastic fundraising

Some have asked what we've been up to lately.....well thanks for asking!
A lot of it is school...I've been alternately out of steam over organizational things in our education dept ;) and just plain uninspired in the picture taking department.

It must've been my run in with Picture Gal. Did I tell you about her?
Well, I'll have to keep you in suspense....maybe another time.

For now I'll let you see a glimpse of one of the projects I spearheaded for our co-op. This picture will make sense in a minute....
I decided to lead a program called Push the Pedal -it's an offshoot of Gospel for Asia.

GFA is a fantastic organization that trains native missionaries to bring the good news to countries in the 10/40 window. Something like 500,000 villages in India alone, have never heard of the salvation that comes through Jesus Christ.

So GFA has set up Bible Colleges, and training facilities to help eager new believers dive into the Word, and then helps send them out to unreached people in remote villages. These missionaries usually carry Bibles, literature, and video equipment on foot. At that rate they reach one or two villages a day.
Push the Pedal is a fundraising program where kids can take the initiative to raise monies to buy a bike for a native missionary. They treat their bicycles like gold....for with this one simple piece of equipment their outreach multiplies to several villages a day, not to mention the added safety of not having to walk home in the dark.

So I've headed up the fundraising for our co-op....and the kids are having a blast!

GFA put together such an informative packet, so atleast once a week the kids get to hear a story of how a missionary would use their new bike, as well as take home crossword puzzles and coloring pages to keep the cause fresh in their minds.

This week the various classes collected cans and bottles for recycling.
Don't ask me why we didn't take the truck....but it was quite humorous piling the bags in with the kids.
It's the little things in life that keep me entertained.
And it's all for a good cause.
So now you know....we're fundraising over here. And riding around covered in garbage. It's never a dull moment.

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