Sunday, October 11, 2009

The entry hall

Our house has been called eclectic.

And it's true....

We aren't ones for matchy-matchy furniture and buying complete sets of anything.

If we own it, it's probably been refurbished, recovered, painted, or otherwise reinvented (ie., the three tupperware drawers that hold dog food and double as a lampstand)
So tonight while we were at our first concert of the weekend (yes, there will be more than one....)
I saw this background and fell instantly in love.
I'll go with the artist title, in that I feel like I have a creative mind, but as far as technique...well I'm a bit of a novice. Thus the eclectic house. I may have a wide variety of styles I like, but I have a hard time pulling them together. But if our house felt like a piece of art, with little pockets of unique beauty at every turn, then I'd be a happy woman :D
Thus the picture of the tree above. I'm going to paint that on the wall that faces our front door. I've tried SO many wall hangings, frame arrangements, pictures, and art pieces without being satisfied. And I have a thing for swirls. Like the plaster ones we made on our ceiling when I was pregnant with our firstborn.
So, I'm posting my intentions here with the hope that I will jump to it and 'get 'er done' as I've heard it said. :)
Because I have absolutely NOTHING on my plate right now. That's when I especially like to start a project. Oh yes indeedy.
So stayed tuned. So far Jarrod likes the idea. He's such a good sport about my experiments....
but we'll see how long I can draw out this project and annoy us both!
Ack, pray for a steely resolve and an extra hitch in my 'giddyap.'
Who knew those phrases were even in my vocabulary ;)

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beachbunny thanx Nikki said...

oh my gosh...Nikki!
I am finally able to sign on, but under the user name from Hawaii.
Now I need to change that. But not now...I don't dare until I've experienced NO frustration with my google account for a little while.

BTW, I love your idea about drawing the tree on your will be lovely ;o)