Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rainy Day Playtime


Where've you been lately?? Well, it's been a little busy around here...thanks for asking. We've been making so many 'family' memories....that I haven't had as much to post publicly ;)
So here's one...a smattering of crafty ideas for a rainy day:

A couple of weeks ago we had some friends over on THE wettest day of the year.
I prepped some crafts to keep us busy. Though these nine kids tend to entertain themselves when they're's always nice to have something organized to do as well!
A handful of craft items and painted cups turned into a crowd of crows.
Then we read a book about making an apple pie.....which lead to whipping up THE EASIEST apple pie EVER!

And if you don't know this about me yet. I Sooooo don't like to bake.....
but when you have a handful of the world's greatest stirrers, the job comes together quickly!
The key to this recipe was to use a store bought crust....and then Microwave the apple filling before placing it in the crust.
This cut down on the cooking time dramatically! And it was warm and yummy this side of 15 minutes!
We enjoyed Apple Pie.......crow crafts.......tortilla soup.....girlie convos.....and this last craft is my favorite.
The kids drew a barren tree......then we placed a bunch of leafy confetti under a clear plate and hot glued it down.
Poof! A 'snowglobe' effect complete with 'falling' leaves when you shake the picture.....
or is it a TreeGlobe?
It's as adorable as that lady bug crawling up the trunk, if you ask me.
I say, let it rain, we'll chat and play again til my hubby comes home.
Besides I love the way the earth smells after a good washing!
Kinda like kids after a bath....when they've played hard all day.......
Mmmmmm......happy smells.


Nicki at Domestic Cents said...

Sounds like my kind of day :) I'm about to go to a play group at someone's house today. I love the mommy conversation and fun company for my kiddos. Win-Win!

Joan said...

Good times! Good times!
Thanks for having us over! :)