Sunday, November 22, 2009

Flies part Deux

You know when you're in the middle of a's hard to see beyond the swirling flies....

Well, when I blogged about our fly plague....I received quite a few helpful comments.
So a friend pointed out that we should check our gutters for maggots. Ick, I KNOW!

But worse things have been known to happen....things die. Flies feast. Eggs are laid.
And poof we have an ugly 'flying' cycle!

So, Saturday my hubby went into the yard and cleaned out the gutters.
(Check that nasty chore off the honey-do list! Yahoo!)

Unfortunately, he didn't find anything of great significance in the gutters.......
Then as he was coming off a ladder, he caught a whiff of death near our garage door. And sure enough...he found a decaying mouse carcass....full of....well, ya know!

Now lest you worry and call the exterminator for us....we don't seem to have a varmit problem. However, our 'Bug Guy' left a mouse/roach hotel with bait inside that he checks on his monthly route. So apparently this little mouse took the bait then checked out of the hotel to die. He didn't make it far, but managed to hide underneath the clutter in our garage.
To be honest...I didn't even smell anything strange.....just call ME observant!

Well, much like the initial flies in our house that lead to a crack in my windshield...this was only the beginning.

After disposing of the mouse and the 'baby flies'........
Jarrod decided to clean out our garage. YAY!

Well in his zeal he made sure to vaccum all around our dryer....leaving spic and span lint traps, etc!
Sounds good still, right?
Unfortunately, he OVER did it......and tightened up a vent that needed to have some 'give'.....causing a short out in our dryer!

Boo to that!

The funny part is how he tells the story.....he says it was all de ja vu! You see he had done this before.....overfixing this vent....causing a fuse to blow in our dryer....(mind you our washer/dryer set is less than 5 yrs old...the front loading/pretty pedestal of the ONLY areas of our life that SHOULD NOT need repair! Nevertheless, a dismantling of our dryer ensued.......and an order was placed for a new part. Meanwhile, my laundry 'routine' is disrupted for atleast two weeks. Thank God we've learned that a sense of humor is vital to survival around these parts!

Admist all the fun and games....I was left hanging loads of laundry onto ANY willing surface in our nice clean garage. And as you can this hasn't been a quick process to get clean laundry!

And really.....though I love a stiff pair of jeans as much as the next gal. I don't do scratchy towels! So I resorted to lugging our linens and towels over to my mom's. Bless their hearts.....Papi even folded a load for me :D
The moral of the story? Um, I'll leave that one up to you ;)

I'm done for now.....

**This series of events is brought to you by an over eager mouse....and a resulting plague of flies.
Did I mention it's been a long two weeks?


The Ballard Family said...

When it rains, it pours... I think that's the moral of the story. OR..wait wait!! ORRR!! God was trying to get your attention at some point and you didn't heed His call, and He had to do one more thing, and then another to get your attention?

Joan said...

LOL. I'm sorry ... I giggled a bit. ;)
Moral of the story? Uhm ... don't use bait that uses poision. ;)