Saturday, November 14, 2009

Oh my, how do I, hate flies....

I have been killing flies all morning. Seriously, it's like a plague around here.

My hubby says it's always like this....around this time of year. I think not. I think I'm being tested.

And it all came to a head on Wednesday. My hubby had been gone 3 days and the night before the kids had managed to leave the van door open. In the couple hours before dusk settled, a herd? a gaggle? a SWARM of flies decided to nest inside!
So the next day as we set out to run errands I was the victim of frequent fly-bys....
and these weren't casual flies. They were persistent. They were ruthless. They'd settle on my face, be swatted away and then come right back before the next downbeat!
I'm driving with the windows down and shooing them out at every chance I get.
Till finally, I'm at a stop sign and I just lose it! I go beserk! I waved my arms emphatically all around.....anything to get those things out of the van!
Then with one good swat of my right hand I hit this innocent little medal hanging from my mirror. Ian won it at a science fair. And it's solid, not a plastic little thing. It's well, metal.
....and it is here that my mind started spinning........that medal has been there for over a year. An innocuous memento....a reminder of a great event...nothing more. Or was it? Could it be an emblem of disaster? A symbol of my disorganized life.....(why was this still hanging there after a year?!?!? Shouldn't it be filed away with Ian's school memories?)
Whatever the reason, it was there for a reason. So with one great swat I sent it flying into my windshield. And with a pop and a crackle I hung my head in despair......for there before me were two flies taunting my aim, lingering below the star shaped pattern on my windshield.
Yes, in my quest to rid the van of flies, and stop the nagging insects from landing on me.....I managed to break a window. *sigh*
I hate flies. And the medal is now filed away safely where it belongs. Thanks for asking.

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Joan said...

Sorry. Sorry. And sorry. :(
But I'm glad the plague is over.
Hugs to you my friend! :)