Monday, November 9, 2009

...And the sun shining on my face.....

That skirt captures movement. You can't see how quickly our life is flying by in most pictures. But here it's all around her.....the speed of our life.
And the grace that flows around our day-to-day activities. Sure you can see it in a smile. But that tulle shows what's in the air when these kids play.
It's the giggles............the rush of the wind as they run past. It's the sound of the sand as they slide down that hill......the clank of the swing as they jump off it in mid-flight.
Yes, that skirt reminds me of the fantasy that goes on all around me, outside of the chores and the have-tos.
The kids know how to live. To laugh at the inappropriate sounds. They pile up the display pillows into forts. They're just living. Enjoying. Breathing.
I want to let that joy be contagious.
So today we ran, we walked, we biked. And we were alive.
Without weight or responsibility, just soaking in the brisk air before it rains.
Before the sun goes down, as it's so accustomed to doing too quickly at this time of year.
It's barely past lunch and then poof! it's dusk.
But for today our clothes were caught by a breeze. And the laundry went undone a little longer.
And I'm glad.
Now tomorrow, what will I wear?