Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring Break: Mystery Spot

I love me some adventure....and I am certainly training up some great mini-me's.
So the day after Easter we jumped on board with our thrill seeking friends and drove off into the mountains to find the Mystery Spot.
What's that you ask?
Yeah, we weren't sure either....
We waited over an hour for our tour to start....
and in the meantime we hiked up a hill across the parking lot.
A hill with a narrow pathway full of mud and gorgeous greenery.
It was refreshing.....

...and spectacularly tiring.
Well, especially if you're wearing platforms ;)
The kids were happy to reach the top, and I was happy once we were back at the bottom.
As for Natalia, she thought she had visited a land of was THAT lush.
So back to the mystery of The Spot.
It's a strange intersection of daring engineering and gravity.
Where things should have hung perpendicular to the floor, 
they tilted off to the side.
Witness the door jamb Ian is holding onto....see how it stands at an angle to the right of his body.
Then there were the walls you could climb without holding on...
Several times the guide would pull out a billard ball and show us how it would 'roll' uphill.
Like it did on this rolled to the left. 
And the optical illusion of this row of women...who once they changed longer looked like they were in order of height.
But instead they appeared to be the same size.
It's tough to explain.  
But I promise, it was a trip in person!
The kids were amazed...which made it all worth it :)
I, on the other hand, experienced SEVERE equilibrium issues for the next three days!
That is some serious visual trickery!
What a great time though....and it was only the beginning.
Next we headed to the boardwalk.....but that will have to wait for another post.

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