Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring Break: Boardwalk Beach Stop

Who doesn't try to hit the boardwalk during Spring Break?
Well, since we were expecting rain, our group had decided to take the kids to play miniature golf on the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz.
Spending some time on the beach was another thought we semi-prepared for...but it seemed to be a long shot since it was drizzling while we drove there.
So we parked on the wharf and people watched while we waited for our food.

Oh and we were joined by some lazy sea lions lounging beneath our feet.
Then we took a vote....and the kids wanted to hit the sand! 
At what age does it stop being comfortable to roll around in the sand like this?
Ah, who cares?  It was a blast to watch them play.
The rain clouds were long gone, and only a bit of wind lingered.
But the overall temperature wasn't really cold until you sat there wet.

This crew is so easy going!
We stayed here for a couple hours, changed the kids and then most of the group headed off to walk the boardwalk.  
But since the rides had closed, we went out for chinese food instead.
I love having no agenda...and just hanging out with great families.
It makes for great memory-making!

And as we rolled back into our driveway after 11pm in the evening.
We were still full of smiles.
It was a magical day! 

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