Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring Break Photo Shoot

On Monday we took a field trip to Klove radio station in Rocklin, CA.  On our way home I bribed the kids with a trip to Old Town Sacramento.
I really wanted some decent shots of the three of them.
They really just wanted a treat. 
So we fed a meter and off we went:
Anymore, their crazy personalities are tough to contain in ONE frame: 
And don't even ask me what a REAL smile looks like.....they are all so rehearsed nowadays!
Though I'll give this little one credit.
She was also miserable with a runny nose.  So I was just happy her hair wasn't completely bonkers by this time of day :) 
She is Oh so willing to pose. 
She's just too quick for my shutter.
So most of my shots are blurry.
Oh, for the day I get to upgrade.
Courtney (my camera), you've been faithful, but we're outgrowing 
your abilities! 
Merrick is a ball of smiles, so it's a treat to get something a little more pensive: 
This one holds so much truth.  
Shy, outgoing, nervous.  
It's all there. 
Some of my favorite shots were taken against this brick wall.
My three kids and a red wall...
woo hoo!
And this was the most relaxed I saw them ALL day ;) 
It was beautiful really.  The overcast skies, the goofy smiles.
One rubber band gun, a Ring Pop and a Hexbug later, 
I'm thinking it was all worth it.
My favorite shots of the day;
(The love of brothers! )
And one of my favorite shots of our oldest: 
Til next time Sac.....we'll be back.


Gina said...

As always--good shots Nikki. :-) I can't get over how grown the boys are looking! W-O-W!

Stef said...

your kids are so freaking cute.
Gina is right - your boys have grown A LOT! I mean, I know its been almost 2 years for me, but they've really grown!