Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sugar and Spice and Sour straws and Birthday Girls....

For her birthday Natalia received many sweet presents.
We put off using one of them until this past Friday.
The weather was sunny and warm, and the occasion was perfect.
We had a celebration to attend....
For this sweet Girl, Miss Brielle.
Just days apart these two new friends turned 5.
At Natalia's Puppy Party, Brielle gave her a dress that matched her own.
And on Friday they wore their dresses out for a lunch date and a movie.
We rode together, 
.....and dined together.  
Though I think Natalia and I were too excited
 about the movie treats to eat much at lunch!  
Instead we thoroughly enjoyed their company, 
including Brielle's little sister Ellycia and their mommy Ginamarie! 
It was a busy lunch filled with Bagels, diaper bags, 
ok, and a lot of pictures.  Enough said :)
(PS- Natalia's scrunchy face is evolving into this silly face....
talk about cracking me up!)
After lunch we took a stroll down to the movie theater.
The entire city had turned up downtown for the premiere of Hop, or so it seemed. 
So we socialized a bit until Ellycia needed a change of scenery. 
And we found a great spot to hang out by this fountain.
And I found it fascinating that the girls reveled in their surroundings.
Even without tossing pennies, there is something magical about trickling water.
Can you feel the cold splash on your hands?
Close your eyes and listen for the sound.
Does it make you want to dance... 
Or atleast spin around...? 
Maybe it's just what happens when great friends gather in the sunshine. 
Laughter is beautiful.
And birthdays are such joyous events!
Eventually, we found our way back to the theater.
But I really think we could have stayed outside all day.
God cover these two sweet friends as they grow and change, and learn from each other. 
And may the magic of laughter and sunlight drench your heart today as well!

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Stef said...

oh my goodness... Natalia has gotten SO big! What a beautiful daughter you guys have (tell your husband to buy BIG guns... and lots of them!) I love this... so cute.
Rachel will get a kick out of these pictures. Whenever I look at your blog she says "is that the girl I was in the nursery with, but I don't remember?" :)