Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Thankful Tuesday

Even though we were half dead this weekend.....I see that I have quite a bit to be thankful for :D

So I thought I'd take part in Denise's Thankful Tuesday.....it's such a great weekly exercise......and actually something my kids are used to asking us each night before we sing and pray....."What are YOU thankful for mommy?"

So reflecting on January 23rd-25th.....I am thankful:

1. For my husband who put up with my sick, bent over self for almost a week. Actually, he more than 'put up' with me....he made/served dinners, bought me flowers, and otherwise went above and beyond the call of duty when I was doubly slammed with muscle spasms in my back (random!) AND some monster cold/fever thing. He's my Hero........don't worry, I make sure he knows it too!

2. That as pitiful as it was to watch each of the kids get sick one-by-one, our fevers did not escalate...and no Dr. was needed for four of us to get through this!

3. That neither my husband or the young man he collided with were injured in their fender bender Sunday night.

4. We still have two working vehicles and that we have resources to repair my hubby's truck.

5. All my ribbing about his accident actually caused him to call me the next day so we could laugh together....God, may we always be able to handle trials with "a peace that passes all understanding."

6. My mom celebrated another year on this earth......and that our proximity to her allows us to make memories with her on a daily basis!

7. In the midst of being sick we were able to capture a beautiful image of the kids, frame it and present it to my mom for her birthday on Friday.

8. For friends (and my mom :) who offered or delivered soup/meals when I could barely walk. (I didn't have to grocery shop ALL last week-how amazing is that!)

9. For three healthy kids, a warm home to snuggle in and cards, books and movies to keep us busy!

10. That I was able to return some Christmas gifts at Macy's and get a new purse + 3 tops which I will TRY to not wear for 6 more weeks, until our trip for Maui ........I'm not sure if I needed the shirts more or the mommy break on Sunday....for ALL of it, I'm SO grateful!

***contented sigh****


Denise said...

I LOVE your list! Sorry you were all sick! That is never fun! Stay away - just reading it may cause me to get it! LOL!

Maritez said...

And when I am counting my blessings, know that I am thankful for YOU :D