Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ever have one of THOSE moments?

I was down to my last bag.....just one tiny carry-on to unload......I had 75% of the wash done and put away. I was feeling pretty smug....

And ALL day long I've reveled in my 'clean' house....the house I worked SO hard to straighten up before we I could come home and let our bags explode all over the place....and I could rest knowing the disaster was only surface deep.

I had dreaded picking up our dog, but we all missed her so much....most of her that is...except her hair. I missed Foxy Loxy but for most of today.....she wasn't just Foxy.....she was the dog that sheds......a LOT......coarse, white, wig-sized piles of hair EVERYWHERE.

Dog hair that congregates into balls of fur.....poofballs that fly ahead of my every step as I walk down the wood floored hallway. White strands of hair that hang like a cloud whenever she shakes or is pet lovingly. Ah yes, the fur. The fur that left over a week ago and stayed at Marmar's house while we were in Maui. The same hair that caused them to vaccuum 3 extra times during Foxy's visit.

Oh yes, you've heard of it, the dog hair that has me obsessed with every thing that is dropped on the floor.....because I end up having to pick out each hair when it doesn't come out in the wash. white, solid, javelin-like strands that poke out from our clothes as they hang dry. Argh, dog hair.

I know, I know, Foxy Loxy has as much a right to share this house as the rest of us....I just wish she'd learn how to sweep so she could pitch in!

I say all of that because I really HAD revelled in our clean floors ALL day LONG.....and the above statements were my topic of choice......but then we brought her home, our dear Foxy Loxy. And I gave up the fight, resolved to sweep and mop and vacuum again worries, no wrinkles right? As long as it's on MY terms right?

So our sweet pup rested with the kids, content to be home and share her dog hair with us.

And I wrestled the final contents out of a beach bag we'd taken to Maui. I continued unloading towels, cover-up shirts, and misc. sunscren supplies. I stacked the supplies on the counter and tossed the laundry 5 ft away to a hamper near the garage door. Lazy? Sure, but efficient under the circumstances.

And all the circumstances were good....for now!

That is.....until I found it.....a pocket of sand.....I should have remembered how much collects in our suits while we're boogie boarding.

I didn't just find it....I THREW it across the room. One lonely tankini, chalk full of Maui granules. And I heard it.....ALL of it.....the sounds of a million pieces of the island scattering across my 'clean' floor. SO I'm off to's not about the dog hair now ;)

I love to end my nights with irony and helps me sleep.


Sonya said...

I must admit, I'd rather have dust bunnies than doggie hair fuzzies, but I am sure there is is nothing like the love of your pet. My younger ones are totally wanting one. Not sure if we will give in, bc like you, I like clean floors and such, but ya never do know...we might give in one day. I saw 2 pups yesterday and I loved on them and squeezed them...if they just stayed so small and cute...I could learn to over look the hair thang, ya know.

Maritez said...

In defense of Foxy Loxy, I think sweeping up sand is definitely worse than dog hair...afterall, you can't cuddle up to a big ball of sand, right? ;D

dusich crew said...

dog hair and sand today ... what'll be tomorrow ... but home you are ... and we missed you! :)

Andrea said...

YAY! You are home. Welcome back!