Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Writer's Workshop.... This Old Truck Limerick

This week's writing worshop had us delving back into our poetry notebooks. MamaKat assigned a LIMERICK as one of her writing prompts.
Seeing as I enjoyed that last acrostic I thought I could tackle this one too!

The directions I used to write this poem are listed down below. Don't laugh at me, I know...I am lame enough to go to! But I can't be the ONLY one who had to look up the process!

A truck that is broken and rusty

On a bed that is no longer trusty

Will you throw it away?

Or let kids up to play

On this ride that is old and crusty?

To write your own limerick:
  1. Prepare to write five lines of verse. If you're stumped, try starting off your limerick with the traditional 'There once was a ...'
  2. Create the following stress pattern in lines one, two and five: da-DA da-da-DA da-da-DA da. For example, "There ONCE was a FEL-low named JER-ry...." You can omit the last unstressed syllable if you prefer.
  3. Create the following stress pattern in lines three and four: da-DA da-da-DA da. For example, "Per-PLEXED our dear PO-et." As before, you have the option of omitting the last syllable.
  4. Make sure your limerick's rhyme scheme is a-a-b-b-a. In other words, the first, second and fifth lines all rhyme with one another; the third and fourth lines rhyme with each other.
  5. Exploit puns and wordplay.


Mama Kat said...

Hey that was GOOOD!!! I'm so proud of you... :)

Dan said...

Good show.

numberonesistah said...

Nicely done!

Sarah said...

nice! ISn't it fun writing poetry?

sherri said...

Good job!

I love limericks!

Caren said...

Nice job! I enjoyed it... I did the limerick too, great prompt!

Just A Chic... said...

Loved your limerick!

I didn't know how to write one either so I skipped that prompt. Now I'll know for next time! Thanks!

Namine said...

What a great limerick!!

Anonymous said...

I like that! And I would enjoy playing on the tractor too.

Maritez said...

I like how you looked up instructions online, such a good teach :) I think the ode to the crusty truck is a good one!