Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring has Sprung!

Normally I don't post personal pictures here but that one was too much to pics go on the family blog....and well, you need an invite to go THERE....just's a simple process application filled out in triplicate, 2 IDs required, it's all standard procedure really....but then you have to swear allegiance to our family by screaming our last name in public 5 times.....

hee hee. Ok, FINE, I jest, but you DO need an invite ;)

Now that I got all that nasty business stuff out of the way I just wanted to say that I LOVE spring!

Spring, spring, SPRING...and all of the promise it brings:

cajun corn salad for lunch and walks after dinner,

hikes in the woods and the love-doves returning,

outdoor bbqs and long nights with friends,

beach time and boogie boarding,

open windows and fresh breezes,

swimming like fish and

cleaning! (...yes even cleaning sounds better in the spring!)

I love the feeling of freedom that all this 'newness' brings. I hope for better attitudes (from me AND my kids) and so much more change in our home. It's funny....whenever we travel with the kids we remember how FUN it is to JUST be together: Anywhere, anyhow. And so we always come home dreaming of the NEXT place we'd like to go. It's all just 'talk' for now. But spring is full of planning and daydreaming.....

....And saying goodbye to all the deadness. I feel like stinkin Snow White welcoming all this life around me.....Oh, yeah, you might even find me twirling in a skirt or something ;)
I'm SO happy to see all the green blooming around my yard.....even if half of it is in the weeds. ......I guess happy IS a strong word to use here, but I do LOVE planting AFTER I've weeded ;) does that count?? Anyways....did I mention NO MORE dead things? YAY!

What are your happy thoughts for spring?


Maritez said...

You posted about you kicking up your heels a looong time ago, and the thought of you twirling around in a skirt brings the same image...just silly, happy fun! Love it :D

MommyDesiree said...

yes, yes yes! Me too! I love spring!

...and the twirling, I must witness the twirling!