Monday, March 30, 2009

Well-intentioned laurel resting

Remember how I was loving spring??

That was before I had an allergy attack!

On Friday, we headed out to a farm of those crazy homeschooling gigs....and I was picking weeds with the the middle of mustard fields....and I'm all stuffed up! I've felt my sinuses being attacked for three days now....and I'm SUPER sleepy.

That sounds like allergies right?

If not, I've got a cold, or I'm pregnant-(ha, don't worry, that's the least likely option!) ....but either way I'm miserable, fuzzy headed...and SO not in the mood to blog....especially when my hubby keeps getting called out of town to work for DAYS at a time.....

I know....cue the violins......

all of that aside,..............this post really DOES have a point.....

The point is that even when I have the BEST intentions I'm a flubber.
I intend to be a good blogger and keep up relationships, etc. But it just didn't happen this week.

A prime example of my ball dropping abilities:

Here's a project my sister and I collaborated on years ago.....

I had this small ambition to paint the nursing mother's room at our church. It's a tiny cave-like room with a 2-way mirror looking into the sanctuary.....and only enough room for a love seat, 5 or 6 chairs, and a changing table.

White walls added NOTHING to the ambiance of the I thought I'd take some paint and work a little magic ala Thomas Kinkade......well, let me tell YOU.....he doesn't rack in the big bucks for NOTHING! He makes it look SO easy! Psssshaw!

We toiled and toiled, and ended up with half a room full of flowers and various garden scenery...but nothing like what was in my head. I actually forgot to take pictures of the bottom half of the room....that's where all the action is.....

I meant to go back there to finish the job one make sure the entire bottom quarter of the walls was covered in flowers (right now there are probably only 25 or so individual flower bushes)....but low and behold....I started having kids...and poof...there went my free time! Well, it's better than white walls....but this little section always reminds me of how flawed I can be in my thinking:

The goal was to have birds with their eggs, and other small animals with their young....this IS a nursing mom's room after all! But I goofed. So did you spot my mistake yet?

Look closer....have you ever seen a baby butterfly? It's very rare......and in MOST cases IMPOSSIBLE! For as we ALL know, butterflies start off as caterpillars and they break out from their cocoon as full fledged adults! Ah, yes, this little section of the wall humbles me each time I see it........such the reminder that even good intentions don't guarantee a perfect return on your work.

And we're not here to be perfect. Well intentioned....yes. Flawed and humble, yes.

Gracious and undeserving....oh heck yeah!

So I just thought I'd say.....thanks for your patience with me......

now tell me what is YOUR greatest flaw?

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