Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day Facts

Psst....I'm back .....
and already I'm online..........but with a mission......to make this St. Patty's Day fun for my kids!

And on my quest I'm loving the random factoids I've found, for instance:

I never knew that St Patrick used a shamrock to explain the Trinity........
Or that people want to Kiss the Blarney Stone to receive the gift of gab....or eloquence.

I knew there was a Saint involved....but really.....who actually knew he had anything to do with 'converting' people?? Not me, no sirey Patrick!

I just thought it was all about Leprechaun's and green food.
Well huh, ya learn something new every day!

Can I work Green Eggs and Ham into my lesson plan or is that pushing it??
Well I'm off to cut out some shamrocks! Happy Day to ya!

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